Monday, November 26, 2007

I wish we had gas

So I haven't written any updates in a while. I guess I figured I'd have to wait for more "big" news. Well, that's not happening. But I do have little news.

Last night we got home from spending Thanksgiving in Rexburg, and we realized very quickly that our apartment was an ice cube. So we check the furnace, and yep, no gas. Our gas had been turned off for at least 4 days. I went to the city offices to get our utilities taken care of, and I thought gas was included. Woops. I forgot to call Questar for gas. But doesn't Questar sound like internet? Pretty sure that's why I hadn't called them. Anyway, we were like, oh heeeeeeck we went to buy a space heater. On a Sunday...oh well. Soon after we got it set up we noticed the heater sucked. You could hardly feel any heat. We got into thermals (so attractive) and layered all the blankets we had onto our air mattress. Then AJ had the genius idea to get out a heating pad we have. I think it saved us. We were fine sleeping, but this morning we walked out into the hall and cold air just smacked us. It was awful. And let me just say, this is one of those times when you wish you could pee standing up. Holy frozen toilet seat! Obviously, no showers for us, and I even had to heat up water on the stove just to wash my face. So sad.

I called Questar today and after acquiring very personal information they told me a guy could be out TOMORROW. And what does he do? Takes some lock off of the gas. That's it, and they're making us wait. So AJ has a new friend at work that's going to let us shower at his place tonight. Thanks, Jason.

On a lighter note, I'm really excited for the Christmas tree AJ is going to make I'm going to have the coolest looking steel tree with candle holders, and it will be one-of-a-kind. And awesome.

Also, I walked into a health store to see what I could grab for lunch, and I found Pirate's Booty. Aaahhh!!! (Angel's singing) I've eaten almost the whole bag and now I'm a little ashamed. But it's so good! Those of you on the Master of Your Domain challenge may want to check it out to see if it's healthy enough.

Well, that's all for now. Better get back to work.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

First days here

Well, let's just say things could have gone smoother. When we drove down Tuesday, it was ugly and raining. The previous tenant left our townhome a mess, and didn't leave Sunday like he was supposed to. So instead of our place getting cleaned Monday, it had to be cleaned Tuesday. When we saw it we were pretty disappointed; for example, the window sills had spider webs and dead stuff on the inside and bird poop on the outside. We were told the cleaning ladies were coming at 3, and the carpet cleaner at 5. When we got back from shopping, it obviously hadn't been cleaned. We did get out carpets cleaned thank goodness. By the way, this all would have been worse if we actually had any furniture.

Wednesday I started my new job. I really like it, and the people are all very easy to get along with. One of the main things I did was design a Christmas card for a client. The whole day my mind was on how our place looked and what I needed to clean, etc., so that wasn't cool. A.J. had his welding test/second interview at S&S yesterday afternoon, and he got the job! Yay! I am so excited for him. The new company he'll be working for, Boomerang, is just starting, but the owners say Boomerang will end up big enough to carry S&S. Sweet. Not to sound greedy or anything :) but it sounds like AJ will be getting raises as the company grows, and as they certify him. They were impressed with his skills. "Girls only like guys who have skills!"

Anyway, now it's Thursday, and I'm being sneaky and using my work's internet since we don't have ours yet at home. But I know you have all just been dying to hear how things have been going! AJ started his job this morning, so hopefully that goes well today. He's had a cold the last few days so I hope he can even breathe. We've been going to bed way early lately, so maybe that will help. Like 9:30 early. That should also explain why we haven't been calling much, sorry.

We love you all! Thank you everyone for your support and help. We're doin okay. But I wish it were Saturday!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's official!

We're moving to Logan!

Digital Slant offered me a job and I accepted! Yay! We found a townhome, and even though we haven't stepped foot into it, we're moving in Tuesday and I start working Wednesday! This is going to be crazy, but we are very excited and ready to get on with our lives. So now everybody has to come visit us. And we need furniture, so it's on our Christmas list now :)

And the Office is on tonight! What a great day.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Cash Valley

A.J. and I just got back from our trip to Logan, Utah today. We got there last night, stayed in the ultra-luxurious Super 8, sat in their hot tub for 5 minutes, watched Desperate Housewives (what's Victor going to do to Gabi or Carlos?!), then we went to bed, only to be awakened by a fire alarm that went off just as we fell asleep.

This morning I had an interview at Paradym Design. I thought it went really well! The guy really liked my stuff, talked about pay, how soon I could work, and showed me the desk I would be potentially working at. So I thought dang, this guy likes me. Then we went to a place called S&S Power for AJ's interview. They build roller-coasters. He went in to talk to them about a welder position. They are splitting off and starting a separate company, and AJ would be one of the first employees, and in charge of a group. I think they are very interested, and he's going back next Monday for a second interview and weld test.

Then we decided to look at homes for a while. We've been going back and forth on buying town homes versus houses. I remember seeing a Coldwell Banker realty in town, so we talked to a lady there and she drove us around to show us several properties. She was raving about a new town home development, and we thought they were pretty nice. However, they have a >25 lb. dog rule, and AJ doesn't think he could fit his 4-runner in the garage. You see, these are very important factors for us (him). Then we moved on and looked at a home in Hyrum. It was in our price range and everything was pretty much what we wanted, but the carpet was trashed, the paint on the walls was u-g-l-y and things about the floor plan were a bit funky. AND the kitchen was tiny. But it has a cool yard that opens up into a neighborhood playground in the back, a potential 5 rooms, and a big garage. We'll probably keep looking. The realtor called later today and basically we think she'd rather get more money out of it, when we were about to call the place a fixer-upper. Oh well.

Looking for this home took so long, that we ran out of time for a nice lunch at the Coppermill. We stopped by Great Harvest for soup (yum) and then I was off to my second interview with Digital Slant. Their office is actually in the Coppermill's building. Walking through I found it strangely familiar, and then I realized that's where our family friends Amy and Justin had their wedding dinner, like 5 years ago! Anyway, that interview went very well also. I had a lot of fun talking to them, and I think I gave mostly right answers. I think I might like this place better than the other. What they offer their clients is a bit more unique, and sounds very smart. We also talked about money, how soon I could start, how I'd fit in, etc. So I would call this a very promising day for interviews. I hope I'm not being naive or overexcited, but I think we may be moving to Logan! Oh, and get this: So during my second interview, I start talking about how my husband actually interviewed at "this place that builds roller-coasters! Random! Yeah, S&S." My interviewers kinda grinned at each other as I kept talking, and then the guy was like, "that's Cami's father's business." (Cami is the other one) Um, I was sort of embarrassed that I called the place "random" but, I don't think she was offended. We laughed about it. But hey, how crazy is it that AJ and my potential employers are father and daughter? Random. Haha...

On our way out of town, we stopped at the Pepperidge Farm factory thrift store (awesome), got cookies, and headed home to Rexburg. Ladies and gentlemen, I am feelin' good. Oh, and by the way Logan is really a great town. We were very impressed. Except when I found out they don't have a Target.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Space Dog!

For Halloween I didn't really have an opportunity to dress up, so I took it upon myself to dress up Jack. Duct tape in hand, I was feeling creative and used him as my outlet. I made a little outfit completely out of duct tape and figured, okay he could be a tin man, or a can of soup, or Space Dog! He was surprisingly patient with me. I think he was more interested in stealing the tape with the loud ripping sound. Jack is a compulsive thief. When trick-or-treaters would come by, he'd run out and show them all his costume because he knew he looked so good...haha. In the beginning I made antennas, but he tried chewing them off, so after I removed them, he was a happy little Space Dog...even though in these photos he looks really, really sad. Note: the duct tape was not sticky side down.

In this one you can see his antennas that didn't really stand up anyway.Notice the chewed antenna underneath him.
Here Space Dog pees.
Space Dog senses Trick-or-Treaters from a mile away.

Blast off! Space Dog in light-speed!

Pooped after an exciting night.

Pretty sure this is by far my most ridiculous blog post yet.