Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rocko to the Rescue

Yesterday we went to Orem with AJ's friend Nate and his lady. We stopped by Nate's friend's house and got a chance to see his Rottweiler Rocko practicing his attack skills. Rocko has been trained with guys wearing padded suits, so Nate wanted to try it on. Rocko was definitely excited as soon as he saw the suit. This dog absolutely loves to "play" like this. He's actually very sweet when the suit isn't around.

We all wanted to see what Rocko would do if you just started running, but Nate didn't want to try that, so AJ put on the suit. You know, because AJ's tougher. He practiced with Rocko a couple times, and when it came to the running part, well, you'll have to see what happens.

AJ is actually saying "Oh shiz" right here, just to clarify.

Did I mention this dog is 105 lbs.?

AJ has a bruise on his thigh, but since it's not as cool as it was yesterday, we're not displaying any photos of it :) You could see the two teeth marks and dark purple in between. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Finally getting internet at home means I finally get to show the random pictures I've been taking!

First, AJ is very proud of the work bench he built himself. I was amazed at how fast he built it, and it's very strong. He put it in our storage area, between the garage and apartment, that's big enough for us to just call it his shop. He put his welding stuff in there and I must say it's pretty amazing.

I tried to fit the whole picture in this one. I promise it's bigger than it looks.

I took this right before the Gap manager yelled at me for taking pictures in her precious store. Store policy, shmolicy. How could I resist? This is probably one of my favorite pictures of AJ.

This is before he knew I had the camera ready. He's looks kinda cute, like a cross between a homeless guy and Kevin McCallister (stealing a toothbrush in Home Alone!)

This is the view from my window at work (facing west). This was a particularly beautiful morning. Minus the parking lots.

This is my new favorite impression of Willem Dafoe. There's more I just posted on the Perkins family blog if you wanna see. Obviously, just entertaining myself with Photobooth.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dead Camel

Another week has gone by. Wow. We had an eventful weekend. Well, not by most people's standards...AJ did tons of laundry (the laundromat had wi-fi internet) while I went grocery shopping. Until that trip we had bought basically tortillas and cheese, so this was the BIG shopping trip. Now we have food in our house! AJ built a work table to put in our storage area/shop (still waiting on my tree). I got a lot more things unpacked, organized and put in storage. We got cable and internet set up, which will be up and running tonight! So I feel like things are finally getting accomplished. By the way, out neighbors are so nice: they shoveled our driveway and sidewalk, and when they put Christmas lights up, they even put them on our side too! Awww...

This morning I got to watch my sister and her husband's slideshow from when they went to Egypt this last Thanksgiving. It's pretty entertaining if you have some free time. Seeing these photos reminded me of an episode of Man Vs. Wild that AJ and I recently watched. This was probably the most extreme thing we've seen yet. And by extreme, I mean gross. If you're not familiar with the show, this is a guy that bites into living fish and jumps off cliffs in an attempt to survive his current environment. In this one he's in the Sahara Desert. This video is not for weak stomachs: Watch