Thursday, January 31, 2008

Utah/Idaho Hair

So I brought up Utah hair (or Idaho hair...whatever least offends you) with a coworker and he got this big grin on his face, got on my computer and said, "Like this?" and brought up this photo.

So hilarious. I can't believe I've never made the connection before. It's so similar, right down to the un-proportionally-short layers, cut just to give it that extra POOF. Wow. And the bleach job. Amazing. Just to rant real quick: In Rexburg this last weekend I saw two instances where a two different 3-year-old girls had been morphed into the Labyrinth Bowie. Who teases and hairsprays the hair of a small child? Another reason why California rocks *high-five Jenni*

Monday, January 28, 2008

Case of the Mondays...

Well the day began today with me waking up to the thought of ripping the hideous wallpaper border off the bathroom wall. It was really random, but I was just laying there and jumped out of bed (before the alarm went off!) just so I could do it. By the way, when you just wake up you're pretty weak and its hard to climb on a counter. Anyway it came off very easily because it's old and gross. Now if anyone has advice on how to remove the old glue let me know.

Okay, then while doing my hair I burned my ear. Not a big deal, I thought. Then I looked at it and the skin was burned completely off! Eww! I went to work with an open wound. Hot.

So I rushed to work and there's this one part on my route where there's no stop signs for a while, so I'm like, oh yeah, we're puttin it in fourth and livin on the edge. Um, okay, don't do that. Because if you glance at your tac instead of glancing at a church parking lot you might miss a cop waiting just for you. But don't worry, you'll see him just in time to flip on his lights and start chasing you. And then he'll pull you over. And then give you a ticket to make you even later for work than you already are because you burned your ear off and felt like demo-ing the bathroom.

Yep, I got a ticket, but the cop was nice to say I was 9 over instead of...16. And wearing your seat belt helps too. I dunno how much it's for yet. AJ said we should go on a date to a defensive driving class to clear our records. I'm surprised he was more upset about me dropping my phone in the parking lot than getting a ticket. I guess he likes me today :)

By the way, did I mention it was storming like crazy today and that I hate snow hitting me in the face while I'm trying to brush more snow off my car only to have more hit me in the face? Ugh!

In lighter news, Friday we're driving to Reno to see the Foo Fighters! Yay! And Saturday is our first anniversary! (And Groundhog Day!!!) It should be a fun weekend. Hopefully. I'll let you all know how it goes. And the next weekend after that we're going to AJ's friend Brett's wedding in Rexburg. It feels like we haven't had a lazy weekend at home in a while...oh well.

I've had a request for pictures of our new place, so I'll try to get those up soon. They may not be beautiful, but I'll see what I can do.

Well, it's time for bed...don't wanna be late again tomorrow...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

recent and very exciting news

In our glorious townhome we have a super tiny bathroom and kitchen, BUT we also have a large living room and large bedrooms AND a decent sized utility room. (Please note for those of you who have been living in large houses, "large" to you may not be so exciting as it is for me) Until recently the utility room has been empty, but my hubby got me a present! At AJ's work he noticed a washer and dryer just hangin out. He asked someone about it and found out they are almost brand new and FREEEEE! So he brought them home. What a nice gift. We started the washer and noticed it wouldn't drain. After looking through all the manuals we realized the drain pump had some issue. My Mr. Fix-It took the whole dang thing apart, and the culprit ended up being a bobby pin! One little rusty piece of metal. So AJ took it out and put it all back together and the washer works great! yaaaayy!

Unfortunately our dryer is set up to work electrically but we only have gas hook ups (or vice versa) so we haven't been able to dry anything. So now I hang up everything to dry. And I mean everything. And I know the best, warmest places to do it. No clothes line or anything, just heat vents, hangers, towel racks, shower curtain rod, etc. It looks goofy, but then we rarely have company. AJ's jeans dry all stiff and funny looking, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Only 3 Easy Payments of $19.99! Call Now!

There are infomercials on later at night that actually interest me. I can't see myself grabbing my phone and purchasing any of these things, yet I want to try them out.

Kinoki Foot Pads: Or whatever they're called. They look gross. And they look cool. But do they work? And if you actually get that dirty gunk on one is it actually hazardous metals in your body or just foot dirt or a chemical reaction to sweat? I dunno. But I just really can't imagine this working. It's just not logical. And they're selling like 500 at once so you have to wonder if they need to get rid of them.

Crazy Absorbing Miracle Towel: Or whatever it's called. I actually believe this one works–thanks for actually showing a result in real-time. My sister had some weird towel like that when she played water polo, but this is like a super one. But holy cow is that guy weird! His face looks all distorted...he looks like Willem Dafoe smushing his face on a window. And I don't think with modern technology you need a head piece to hear you. He wears his mic-head-piece thing like it's goin out of style.

Magic Bullet: You know you want it. But better yet, I want friends like the people sitting at the bar. They are so ridiculously engaged in what's being chopped it's hilarious. "No way!" "It really works!" "Look at it go!" And that's not all....

Mineral Makeup: All brands in general. How does that work? I wanna try the stuff. I just can't conceive of how powder conceals all flaws that usually take foundation, concealer, powder, etc. And apparently it's good for you. I don't really care about that though, just make me look good.

If you have free time to google these products I'd love to know if they live up to the excitement I feel while watching them presented to me. I'm also curious to know what everybody else finds intriguing. I know I'm leaving something out..

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

So far the greatest thing about the New Year's Day is having the day off and partaking of Bath and Body Works' suhweet sale today (thanks for the gift card Mom and Dad!) Oh yeah, and the America's Next Top Model marathon (modelthon)! I tried out Japanese Cherry Blossom. I like it a lot. For some reason it reminds me of Victoria's Secret's Heavenly.

My brother game me a cookbook/hospitality guide that is great. I've read most of it already. It's called "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris "Hospitality Under the Influence". You may recognize Amy from the show Strangers With Candy. It was a pretty strange show on Comedy Central. YouTube videos of her on Letterman are pretty funny if you want to see how crazy she is. Her book has all kinds of tips on how to throw different kind of parties, how to be a good guest, different recipes, and just tips on random things in life. I like this from the chapter "Entertaining the Elderly": "It's never good to stereotype. All of your guests are individuals with different needs. Except in the case of the elderly. You can pretty much count on all of them not liking loud music and being cold...Keep them engaged or it's the express train to nappy-land." It's all hilarious and 98% of it is practical and smart. Thanks Jeff!

Random things that I've learned lately:
Breyer's Cookies & Cream is the best
Herdez salsa verde will now be in this home's taco meat forever
I'm not very good at shoveling snow
How to fix our disposal
When AJ says "one can" of Mt. Dew he means "24-Pack"