Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a miracle.

AJ cooked dinner for ME! Twice! He decided he wanted a barbecue. So he bought one. AJ? An impulsive buyer? No. Haha. Anyway, he grilled us a couple steaks on Sunday and I made some easy pasta. It was a lovely collaboration. And tonight we basically pretended that it was summer and AJ grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs. Not too fancy, but anyone who knows me well knows that hamburgers are probably one of my favorite food groups. All I had to do was slice up the fixin's. And on Monday I put chili in the crock pot and was so excited on my way home from work, knowing I wouldn't have to worry about making anything. So far this week has been pret-ty nice. I don't dislike cooking, it's just the planning and cleaning up that gets old. Plus, I'm pretty pumped that now AJ has this culinary expertise that I can call upon when needed. Finally, a new toy that helps me out!

Okay, before I head out, I have to mention that AJ went tanning tonight. Not like fitness competition tanning (we do the spray-on now) but like laying in a tanning bed. He's pinker now. Since we've been here, that kid has had a manicure (with polish), a scalp massage from 2 different places, and has gone tanning (3 times-this last one was a VIP special? What?). I must mention it's due to the influence of a friend of his that does this kind of thing all the time--so AJ and him get it all for free. I've had one pedicure in my entire life. He is winning and it's weird.

I just remembered a really sexy picture of him that I took recently! Gotta show you guys. The face is intentional, the way his drink is being cuddled is not. Maybe after this post AJ will read our blog more (or contribute) :D

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I was going to wait to surprise you all the next time we saw you, but I got impatient and wanted to show you how well we've been doing with our New Year's resolutions. We've really just been eating right and exercising. I'm already down to a size Nearly-A cup. Oh, and we go tanning a lot. It really helps define our muscles in competition. Oh, did I mention we are doing fitness competitions together? Well, we just started, but already we've won a few. Here's a shot of us at last weekend's in Preston. We even got matching bikini's. Cute, huh? Couples competitions are our favorite because it's more like a team sport that way.

Anyway, just wanted to share our recent happenings. Maybe this summer we'll take a break from working out so hard and do something that doesn't take so much effort. Like a triathlon. Until then, wish us luck in Wendover!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Couple Quiz

What's his name?
Aaron James Frisby

What’s her name?
Hilary Holley Perkins Frisby (I haven't figured out the legal middle part yet. Isn't that how Mexicans have their names? Like 2 generations of maiden names?)

How long have you been together?
About 3 years (I just got out the calculator) including the 1 year we've been married

How old is he?

How old is she?

Who eats more?
That's a tough one. Depends on what we're eating. It's embarrassing that it's so close.

Who said I love you first?
Pretty sure it was Hilary, but we can't remember for sure. We've loved each other for a long time (awwww)

Who is taller?

Who sings better?
AJ says I do, but he's not bad either.

Who is smarter?
I'd say it depends on the subject, but let's be honest: A.J.

Whose temper is worse?
I think AJ does. He's telling me I do. Maybe we'll fight about it :)

Who does the laundry?

Who does the dishes?
Our dishwasher :) or Hilary

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Hilary. Wait...which right? Like if you're laying down or looking at the bed?

Who pays the bills?
Hilary physically pays them, but we're about 50-50 in bread-winning. Maybe 51-49.

Who mows the lawn?
Hey, it's February. We both shovel the snow.

Who cooks dinner?
Hilary. Or El Rancheritos. Or Pier 49.

Who drives when you are together?
A.J. He still doesn't trust Hilary's new and amazing stick-shift skills.

Who is more stubborn?

Who is the first to admit their wrong?
Hilary! But who is wrong more? That's the question.

Whose parents do you see the most?
A.J.'s. They're 2 hours away versus 12.

Who kissed whom first?
Hilary kissed A.J. first. Apparently on our first date, but Hilary can't confirm it was the very first date!

Who asked whom out?
A.J. got my number and called me the next day. We went shooting.

Who has more friends?
We both suck at keeping in touch with friends, so that one's hard. But A.J. has more friends here in Logan.

Who is more sensitive?
Hilary. Cry-baby.

Who wears the pants in the family?
Hilary tries desperately, but A.J. wins.

Where did you meet?
At Lacey and Kirk's in Rexburg.

What was the first thing you said to your husband?
"Are YOU married?" Good thing the answer was no.

Where was your first kiss?
On Hilary's porch/balcony at La Jolla apartments.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?

Where did you get engaged?
Sheep Falls, Idaho

Who proposed?

Who has more siblings?
A.J. has 5, Hilary has 2

Where were you married?
Idaho Falls

What do you do now?

Haha. We live in Logan, Utah. AJ is a welder and Hilary is a graphic designer. We watch Seinfeld reruns every night and we still don't own a couch.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Um, just kidding.

We found out today that our offer was rejected. We're okay with that. It's actually pretty funny because the other offer was supposedly super low, and we thought for sure we went higher than them, even though we went for $15,000 less :) One realtor made it sound like these people were crazy to go that low. She couldn't say what it was, but she sort of implied it. Anyway, today we found out that those people offered $900 below asking price. That's right--hundred. Haha! We don't really feel too bad about it. It would have been nice, but we're not in any rush to buy now. We'd like to find something built well and worth re-selling, so we might have to wait a while until our price range can go up. So, we're still looking. I'll let you all know if anything exciting happens!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well I didn't want to announce anything to the world because nothing is for sure of course, but we found a house we like and made an offer on it :) It needs a new paint job, a lawn, the basement finished, and a little beautifying/curb appeal, but we think if we do all that the home will be pretty valuable down the road. The backyard goes out towards a neighborhood park, there's a church across the street, a library a block away, and an elementary school nearby. Not that we have kids or anything, but that's pretty appealing. Here's a link to the listing if you want all the other boring details.

We went low, no surprise there. I don't talk numbers so I'm not going to. Talk to AJ for all that. There is another couple that's made an offer on it, so we have to be a little competitive, but we're not exactly desperate. We don't HAVE to move of course. We just see this as a great opportunity to invest in something good.

It's a 3 bed, 2 bath split-level, with a big 2-car garage. Downstairs it's hooked up for another bathroom/laundry and there's a huge room that we could finish for an additional 2 smaller rooms, one big one, or a big family room. Anyway, the link for the listing has several photos, but here's a few more:


I chose the word "shazaam" to search for Google images this time. Apparently there are a lot of animals named Shazaam, including a mule, horse, giant schnouzer, an alpaca, and a rabbit. Most of them were some type of award winners as well. But then I saw this. Okay, it's a BLANK journal. Very simply bound. And it has a freakin drawing of a rabbit on it, supposedly named Shazaam. AND they want 10 bucks! The website is pretty ridiculous if you check it out. Next to the journal picture Google had a pic of the same rabbit on a bib. What a waste of time, but even worse, what a poor idea for a business....who knows...maybe they make way more than I do though. If that's true, I say we all start thinking of really dumb ideas of things to sell online. Like dirt.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Eat your heart out Clark Kent"

That's what the title is for this photo. I played the Google game today with the word "Heart" and after several pages of organ drawings and photos, this one finally made me laugh. If you try this game with Valentine's in mind, you may want to try a different word. I just love that this guy is DEAD serious. hahaha!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Place

I'm not really sure how to label each of these photos now that they're all uploaded, but I'll try to give you a general idea. There's a couple of our backyard and the front of our place. Our townhome is the left one. Also I had to show how much snow there is, which you can notice after I shoveled our sidewalk. Lower you can see my sweet clothesline I just made in our utility room. That's how I roll when I have socks and no dryer! Oh yeah, we have a dryer of course, and now you can see where it rests. In our living room. Next to the golf clubs that also have no home. Okay, there's also a shot of a little decorating I tried to do, the hideous wallpaper in our kitchen (displayed in the strange corner of the kitchen with wasted counter space behind the sink). Oh, and a view from the front door when you look towards the kitchen, dining room and back door to the yard. That's all for now, and when I clean more, I'll post more! You're welcome, Megan.

Google Game

I'm playing the game now too! My friend Jane made up the idea for the Google game. As she puts it, "It's simple just enter a word into Google search images and pick the picture that makes you laugh. The picture that makes you double-take and say 'What the...'" See what she found.

So I put in the word "wonderful". This was only my first try, but I'm excited to find some more of these. It's pretty fun!

Try it! Or else.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


This weekend we drove down to Reno and back to see the Foo Fighters for our anniversary (and just because we wanted to). We stayed in Wendover Thursday night, and Friday and rolled into Reno around 2. We had some time to kill so we hung out at the casino, met up with a friend, got something to eat. We stayed at the Atlantis which, like other big casinos there, is ridiculously themed and decorated. It had jungle-looking waterfalls on the inside, coverings made of dried grass, cave-rock looking archways on the walls, and our room was hilarious. The carpet looks like it's sand, with ripple lines, and the fabric in the room is very 90's looking patterns of tropical fish. Even the handles on the furniture are fish/mermaid tails.

The concert was incredible! Dave Grohl is my king. He is so dang cool. Here's a video of him rocking out in the audience and Taylor the drummer, kind of a guitar and drum solo. There's several videos on youtube if you search "foo fighters reno". We had great seats. Most people ran to the floor in from of the stage, and we grabbed actual seats in the front row on the left side of the stage. We had a great view. I've been to several concerts, and if you're short, it's really not that fun standing in the crowd on the floor. You can tell in that video. By the way, I apologize for not including photos. Can you believe we forgot our cameras? Man!

All the classics they played were of course awesome, and they added in so much more to really make them amazing. Dave is a really great entertainer too. He is hilarious. Everlong made me cry. Haha! Just so much stuff to talk about, I dunno how I could include everything. They played a 3 song encore. Before they'd come back out you could see Dave on the screen smiling and pumping up the audience. We had such a good time. It was definitely worth the trip. Even though Reno was freezing!

The drive back was pretty lame. We couldn't even leave until 3-ish. Because AJ's friends were picking up a car in Truckee that took forever. But on our way out we got In-N-Out :) YUM. My double-double went down like magic. Anyway, most of the drive back we were going through horrible snow storms blowing all over, and the car we were driving had bad headlights so we couldn't really see anything. But we made it back to Logan!

Okay, before I sign off, I just have to tell you what I'm watching. The Puppy Bowl IV on Animal Planet! This is SO adorable. They have a little pen made to look like a football field and all they do is throw all these puppies in with toys and they wrestle and chase each other. Hehehehe....I luv it. They have a water bowl camera too that is so cute, the puppies stick their paws it in and stuff. There's this guy that calls penalties and makes puppy substitutions. "It's a puppy fumble!" Touchdown! Eww he just picked up poop. But it was puppy poop!