Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Secret Garden!

I've decided the greatest thing in the world is having a garden you didn't have to plant!

One day I noticed we had bright green spikes coming out of the ground on the left side of our front door. I was 80% positive they were tulips, and I got really excited because I had really wanted to plant bulbs last year and waited too long! Thank you so much, whoever you are that last lived here and planted these! OH and it gets better. So on the right side of our door was just tall dead u-g-l-y sunflowers. Once the snow melted I could see there were plenty of other dead weeds there too. I decided since it was finally dry that I could pull some of the ugliness off. Not only was everything super easy to pull away, but it revealed a magnificent surprise! Underneath all that crud was dark black soil with MORE tulips! YEEAAHHHH!!!! I am SO excited to have pretty flowers in my yard! I'm a nerd so you KNOW you'll see some more pictures of them in the future.

Here you can see the pile I pulled off the dirt thrown to the side. Just pretend what the "before" picture looked like. Hurry up Spring I'm ready for you!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A.J. finally found his pony!

Tonight AJ went down to Salt Lake with a friend and came back with a shiny (sorta) new (not) Mustang. He fiiiiinally found one! Anyone who's been spending time with us lately knows he's been looking everywhere for one that he can fix up in time for the Mustang Monthly show this August. Now he won't be the only Frisby without one. He also bought all the Frisby guys matching leather jackets with an embroidered "I love Mustangs and I'm a Frisby" patch on it.

Okay, not really.

Anyway, I won't talk too much because now I'm gonna upload a bunch of photos.
Here's the details:
It's a '64 1/2
The 6660th mustang made (built April 1st) so there's some interesting numbers in there
260 2V automatic

Friday, March 14, 2008

My face hurts from laughing at this for the last 15 minutes at work. Maybe if I share it on my blog it will make me feel better. Why is this so dang funny? Hahaha...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Christian Wins it!

So, I know this is old news, but I never get to watch Project Runway in real-time because it always starts at my bed time! The finale was on at 10 (not 11) last night so I haaaad to watch it. Wow. It was so good! AJ was already asleep so I'm sure he wasn't too happy about hearing all the gay (really gay) talking on Bravo for an hour. He was probably dreaming about Tim Gunn. Hehe.

That finale show was probably the best I've ever seen. And I've seen 'em all. I really had no idea who was going to win it. I liked Jillian's stuff the best, but I thought Rami would take it. And boy, I was waaay off. I still can't believe Christian won! But I like him a lot too. And since Victoria Beckham liked him, and we're good friends, I can see why they chose him. Plus, the feather dress was awesome!

I would definitely buy Jillian's stuff. It was so cool! She's very inventive and came up with stuff I'd never seen, but could totally create new trends. Go her. She could have taken it if her collection were more cohesive I think.

And then Rami's stuff was just flawless. And as a collection, very strong. I loved the second to last dress, the gold one with all the detail. WOW. He bugged me on all the other episodes though. Every week it was the same thing! And he was mean to Sweet Pea. And since Sweet Pea and I are friends....

So, congrats Christian. He's only 21! My sister told me about Amy Poehler doing an impression of him on SNL, so I had to youTube it. It's incredible :) Maybe I'll be him for Halloween. Hmm...I think I could pull it off.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Rant

I just felt like sharing my recent thoughts about our neighbors. Not the ones we share our walls with, but the ones in the next building over with like 6 cars in their driveway and several more under their carport, or rather a garage with no door. But really, it is a car port.

By the way, I should warn you all this is going to make me sound really rude, but when you don't have kids and you mind your own business all the time, this is what AJ and I end up ranting about in our free time to ourselves. Perhaps this is why we don't have a lot of friends over. Okay, it's really because we don't have a sofa.

Anyhoo. A couple days ago I started telling AJ about this scene I witnessed coming home one day. There were 3 or 4 kids playing outside. Most were sitting on a car (yes ON) parked just out of the carport, and one was standing in the driveway holding a flat basketball. It appeared that they made up this game where one kid throws the basketball onto to carport roof, then it rolls down and hits the car, or sometimes the kids would actually try to catch it. Yep, that's it. As I told AJ this story he told me he usually sees them playing a similar game, where they just jump up and down on the roof of the car.


Seriously, that is so ridiculous. I'd slap those kids silly if they were mine.

K. Each Friday and Saturday night we go to sleep with the faint pounding beats of Mexican/Polka music. Or as we like to call it, circus music. Bump boo bump boo bump boo...Did you hear it? Man that music's the worst. How is that one genre of music so popular yet it all sounds the same, and that beat never changes? I don't get it.

The last thing I need to mention is this: I like to recycle. I'm not perfect at it, but it became a habit when living in California, and then when I moved to Rexburg it was so hard for me to throw away recyclables, since they didn't have a recycling system in place, at least not for each resident. So then we move to Logan. Yay! You mean, we get a blue garbage can too?! I had to admit, I was actually a little excited to be able to recycle again (Yeah, huge dork). I've been consciously trying to organize my garbage better. I hope you can imagine my dismay when I went to take out my separate bags of trash and our blue garbage can was full! And NOT of OUR stuff! And NOT of RECYCLING stuff! Oh, man, that bugs me so bad. There's all kinds of junk in there.

I told AJ I think they're illegal so they're not signing up for city utilities and stealing our garbage cans. I know that just sounds racist and dumb, but come on, we're talking about being responsible. I mean, what are you doing while your kids are ramming everything they can find into your car? We know you're home. We see your cars.

Hey, you know what we remind me of? Remember on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when the Griswold's have those neighbors (one is Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) and they're all into themselves and their super-cool 80's furniture and turtle-necks? They're all snobby and annoyed with the Griswold family. Yeah, we're those guys.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Why doesn't anyone clean off that dot on the wall? Hmm, what IS that dot on the wall? Well, I'll give you a clue:

That's Frank's close-up. Frank is what A.J. decided he wanted to name the spider that he squished on our wall...monthS ago. Yes, that's a capital "S". Plural. I'm not sure how long it's been exactly, but obviously, too long. I saw it and AJ squished it. Then I exclaimed how gross it was, and told AJ to wipe it off. Well, I think you can guess what (never) happened. Every once in a while, we glance at Frank, and we're like, ohhhh yeah! And then no one cleans him up. It's how we roll.

Now for some super-exciting news! AJ told me a few days ago that we could go to Ikea to buy me a computer desk, and boy was I happy that he was actually willing to go! So I looked on their website to pick one out and look at prices. And then I looked at Staples' website to compare. Let's just say it was comparable. Staples is about 2 blocks away from us, and I liked their desks more, from what I could see online. So I decided to go all by myself (AJ was helping a friend) and look at desks. The first one I saw was my favorite. Simple, L-shaped, not hideous. And then the best part--it was on sale for $70! Wowee wowee. It felt too good to be true. Then I looked at chairs. They were on sale too, but the one I picked out was $100. I'm really cheap, so I thought it was a lot for me, but it's worth it. It's pretty dang comfortable. And it cost more than my desk...hahaha.

It took two Staples guys to help me fit it all in the Honda and then when I got home, that's when the fun began. I was excited to set it all up so I huffed and I puffed and I put the huge desk box on AJ's creeper and pushed it to the end of the garage. I probably looked like a huge dork. Luckily AJ came home and took it upstairs for me. Can I just mention that he's smokin' hot and took the box upstairs all by himself, but it took TWO Staples guys to lift it in the first place? Oh yeah.

K, now it's time to show you the horrible way I had to work on my computer before this wonderful, impulsive, home-office purchasing day.


That's right, I'm crying. I'm on the "V-Rocker" and I have to use that pillow so my butt doesn't collapse into itself from sitting too long. Don't worry Ashlee, I got this idea AFTER you slept on it :) The table is from D.I. and we used to use it to put our fish tank on it. As you can see I can hardly fit a mouse on it.


Look how big and desk-like my desk looks! And look at my big comfy chair! (Sorry about the cruddy photo) Now I can work if I have to eat a snack or draw or something, all I have to do is make a 90 degree turn in my chair that turns!