Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Distraction Today

Today we were listening to random music at work, and the song "Jump On It" came on. I love that song (haha) and in the past I've mentioned it to people about how it reminds me of the dance Will and Carlton do on Fresh Prince, and no one ever knows what I'm talking about! Or they won't even know what song I'm talking about. Well, it happened again today, so I said, it's gotta be on youTube!


So of course I got distracted further. There are some great Fresh Prince moments on there. This one is incredible.

You just makes me feel good.

Jump on it! Jump on it!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How do you match up?

We were looking at this at work today. There's an article on this website that shows a Marital Rating Scale, or a quiz basically for how good a wife you have (or are). A psychologist in the 30's made it up, and although it definitely shows the way things were back then, he also admitted to having a little bias in the scoring. Now if you're a woman and read through it, just a warning, it's appalling! And amusing. I'm sure AJ would find it hilarious. But I tried to take this quiz and let's just say, I didn't do too well. I mean I know the test is dated, but come I added up all the possible points, and there's NO way you can get an over-average score. So here's the question: Are there missing pages to this test, or is it set up so that no woman could possibly get a high score?

By the way, note that "failures" is in parenthesis next to "Very Poor". If you score that low, do you really need to have it rubbed in? Ouch.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have been informed a few times (like 1k times) that I need to post something on our blog.  I guess I should start by saying happy bday to Hildo.  She is getting pretty old but still looks like she is in her early 20s.  
We have recently decided that we should get bikes, so for Hilary's bday I got her a mt. bike so that we can both go riding together into the sunsets of Logan (not to be confused with her ex boyfriend).   It was a great idea because there are a ton of cool trails around here that we want to explore.  I just hope that I can keep up with her because she is pretty fit, and I'm not.   Anyway,

Happy birthday!

(I know I posted this a day late) 

Taggy Tag

My friend Amy tagged me...

My 4 favorite:

Places I go
1. California
2. Target (good one Amy)
3. Ikea
4. Bed

People who email me
1. Megan
2. Bernie
3. Facebook
4. Pops

Favorite Foods
1. Churros
2. Chicken Parmesan
3. My neighbor's tacos
4. Guacamole

Places I'd rather be
1. On a roller-coaster
2. At a concert
3. Making-over my house (that I don't have yet)
4. In, I mean, watching the Twilight movie

Movies I could watch over and over
1. Best In Show
2. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
3. Arrested Development DVDs?
4. Elf

People I think will respond
1. Ashlee
2. Megan
3. Livi
4. Andrea

Consider yourselves tagged!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Twilight Trailer!

Okay, I've tried not to giggle and squeal too much about the book Twilight on my blog, but...IT'S TIME. THE OFFICIAL TRAILER!

Check out this video: Twilight in HD

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It's pretty short, so it's more of a teaser trailer I guess, but HELLLOOO! Finally a real trailer not created by fans' anime! Haha. I know half of my "readers" are fans, so the rest of you can laugh at us all you want. Edward!

Happy Birthday Mom! AND Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is always really close to my mom's birthday, so she always gets a double-dose of celebrating. Or everything gets piled into one this :)
My mom's the best. I wanted to share some fun memories of my mom. Some may be too inside-joke-ish, but oh well.

* When I was younger, I had a sleepover with a bunch of girls. Of course we were 12 or something and couldn't drive, so guess who volunteered. My mom :) She was so funny how she was excited to be our getaway van. She made sure we all had enough toilet paper, and when we were done, we all jumped in through the sliding door and sped off!

* At my little brother's 8th (?) birthday party, all the little boys were trying to burp, and when Jeff told them his mom could do it on purpose, they all chanted, "Burp on purpose! Burp on purpose!" And then she did :)

* My mom dances with her fingers in the air and shakes her hair around. Megan and Jeff know what I'm talkin' bout.

* I remember almost crying because I wanted short shorts and my mom just wouldn't let me. I'm glad we had rules like that. Even though my sister will say I got to break more than she did. Looking back, short shorts weren't even as cute as the long ones are now!

* My mom let me dye my hair bright red in the 5th grade for Halloween, because I was a she-devil that year. Afterwards we decided I looked pretty cute, and she let me dye my hair years after that. Now it's almost 100% natural, but it took a long time! And man, was I cool in the 5th grade.

* One time I was really upset about something, (not sure if it was the sandwich throwing incident or something else) but my mom took me to see Practical Magic at the local theater. It was just us, and made me feel better.

* This sounds really lame of me, but it happened okay? When I was in 4th grade I missed the old elementary school that I used to attend, and my mom called them up to see if I could go to class there for just one day and sit with my friend Stephanie. How nice is that?

* My mom cheers a certain way that you can always pick out: "WOOhoo! Go Hilary!"

* The Barbie and Dinosaur/Stop in the Name of Love Song.

* Once in a while I'd go with her to work, and the big therapy room with the huge swings and big rubber balls for the handicapped kids were the best.

* I was the first girl in the 5th grade to shave my legs. Thanks, mom :)

* She taught me one of the most valuable things in life: How to pluck and shape my eye brows.

* Dress shopping was always fun. My mom always made me feel like I looked good.

* I used to feel bad when I'd get teased for being so short, and my mom always tried to remind me that I was just petite, and that was the way to be! Took me a while to understand what petite meant, and I'm glad I never tried using that as a comeback, but it made me feel better.

* I learned to like most foods, thanks to my mom. I've always been glad she was a good cook and didn't feed us junk.

* If she'd make me a school lunch, I'd find a bite taken out of my sandwich. She said it was a "love-bite". Thief ;)

My mom is beautiful and self-less. When other women in the ward would gossip, I'd never hear her say anything bad about anyone. This is silly, but I think if Jesus had a job, he would be a physical therapist. Like my mom. Hehe. Whenever I'm a butt-munch, she loves me anyway, and never yells at me or puts me down. She'll do anything for you. She's not perfect, but that's what keeps things interesting and makes her more likable. Love you, Mom!

Monday, May 5, 2008

An eventful weekend

On Friday night we got a invited to go camping with AJ's friend Richie and his wife Lori. They live in Salt Lake so in the past we didn't get to see them very much, but now that we live closer it's a little easier. We met at Crystal Springs (close to Tremonton) where they have hot springs and a campground. It was the first time being there for all of us, and we didn't realize the campground was so...civilized. It's basically a field mowed flat. There's like one tree per campsite with a table and a fire/trough looking thing. And it's all right next to the pools. Hehe. I recommend it if you are the type who needs bathrooms and showers while camping. The pools were really cool. There was one big pool, a couple hot tubs, and a water slide. It feels sooo great, but it's mineral water so you have to wash it off when you're done, and their showers were COLD! What's the point of getting all warmed up if you're just going to freeze afterward?

They had lockers, but no locks on the lockers...and when we were done changing, AJ informed us that someone had stolen his wallet right out of his jeans. Great. We were pretty mad that anyone would do something that low. What compels someone to do something so selfish? Luckily AJ doesn't carry around cash, but we blocked our credit cards, and it's gonna be a pain to get all new IDs and replace our credit cards. Lame. There were a few groups of boy scouts up there, so it was either them or some other local person. I didn't have cash either, so the rest of the weekend's activities depended on if people took checks.

The camping part was pretty fun. We roasted hot dogs and had s'mores. I forgot to bring the stakes for our tent (whoops) but everything worked out. We love our tent <3 I borrowed a sleeping bag and it didn't hold heat well at all, so I was cold all night. Oh yeah, this campground also has a railroad track running right by it. Trains woke us up a few times in the night, and I was sure the train was 2 feet from our tent, but too tired to care. Haha. All in all, it was fun. Except for the whole stolen wallet thing.

The next day I went with my buddy Blaire from work and met Crystal (a guy we work with's wife) at a bead store called Beadles. Cute huh? Anyway, I've been feeling like a crafty mama lately, minus the mom part, and I want to make some jewelry. Crystal is a genius and works part time there, so she helped us find what we needed to make everything right. Blaire and I already have "Top Model" nights (we just watch America's Next Top Model on Wednesdays) and now we're going to add making jewelry to that night. Blaire's place doesn't have a lot of room, and Crystal's in the process of moving, so we're gonna do it at our place. Yay! I hope Crystal bring her lil 5 month old chubby Logan. SO cute. I've already made a few things, but I'll have to wait until after Mother's Day to show them off *wink*

Then our neighbors invited us to go to Salt Lake with them to a huge Swap Meet. They are the nicest people. They are Mexican, and the guy (Juan) doesn't speak English too well, but he knows enough to talk to AJ about cars and make jokes. He grills tacos for him all the time. Rosa is his fiance. She's really sweet. She has a 9 year old, Jacquie, and just found out she's pregnant with twins! It's crazy because she's had a hard time with pregnancies in the past, and she's been super sick the first few months of this one.

It's fun to try and catch words and phrases in Spanish that I actually understand. 4 years of taking Spanish didn't exactly make me a pro. At the swap meet there were tons of Latino folk, and they sold fun nuts and fruit and stuff. AJ looked at lots of tools they had there. He ended up getting a Coleman lantern for $10 (we had to beg the guy to take a check) and he got a framed picture of a Mustang the same year as his, but a fast-back. I think he's cute that he's decorating the garage :)

After the swap meet we ate at this tiny Mexican grocery store that makes reeeeally good tacos, etc. I got Gorditas. Oh man, probably my new favorite. It's nice to have friends that direct us to the best stuff. It's also nice when Juan tells those evil munchkins next door to quit cutting my flowers off. I want to show pictures of them, but I'm ashamed of how sad they look after those kids get to them. They even sat there and dug up a few of them and threw them all over the grass!!! Oh they make me so mad sometimes. There's dirt all over our front porch. So Juan asks them and of course their like, no, it was my brother! Whatever. Liars.

Okay, that was a super long post, so I apologize. I'll try to post more often! Starting now!