Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Do's

A.J. and I both did things our grandmothers wouldn't be proud of (the ones on our moms' sides anyway).

A.J. SHAVED HIS HEAD. He's been going shorter and shorter, and he decided to just go for it. He and his friend Jason shaved each other's...awww....They are twinners because they both wanted to have beards with bald heads. Classy.

AJ told me when he went to the DMV the day after, that there was a guy that kept giving him dirty looks the whole time. Then I realized why. Apparently if you sport this non-hairstyle some people consider you a racist, and if they are not of your race, then they might give you dirty looks at the DMV. I just thought it was funny. My baby ain't no Nazi.

Here's Jason mid-shave. This was AJ's idea. Had to get a pic.

Then I decided to get back to my roots. My Perkins roots that is. I'm a carrier of the ginger gene, although I was born with dark brown hair (Holley roots). All the freckles came from my dad's side, so now you have my coloring explained.

It all started in the 5th grade (probably too young but it made me the coolest kid in class). My mom let me dye my hair red for Halloween that year to complete my she-devil costume. After that I kept dyeing my hair for fun, through high school especially. Red, blonde, burgundy, black. It was fun. Then I decided to be all natural for a few years. Then I got bored. That was this morning.

Here's my before picture (sorry for the bathroom lighting)

Here's my hair dyeing t-shirt that hasn't been worn in so long...look at all the memories/stains.

My head is bleeding! Not.

And the after shot! I'm making this face on purpose, btw. Taking pictures of yourself can be awkward...

I wanted to see how much my hair would glow if I went outside. I was out there for approx. 3 seconds before my eyes started burning.

Here is why I remembered I love dyeing my hair so much:

-It's waaay cheaper than a salon
-It smells good when you're done
-The conditioner makes your hair feel amazing
-It's exciting to see how it turns out
-It's a fun change!

It's weird thinking I finally had my hair to 100% its natural color, only to change it allll in 25 minutes. Oh well. I think I'm afraid of being bored with my looks...that's why the long hair didn't last too long either.


Oh, and we had a fun weekend for AJ's birthday last week. I didn't post about it, but Andrea did, so I'm cheating and just linking you to her post :) Oh, and I just realized her blog is set to private, so I stole some pictures for those of you not invited to it (basically everyone that doesn't know her haha)

AJ and Richie

The whole gang

I'll sum it up: We went to the Timpanogos Caves, which includes a steep but paved hike, got a sweet tour of the cave's mineral formations and just enjoyed hanging out with Matt and Andrea and their kids Zoie and Jonas, and our friends Richie and Lori. Then when we got home I made BTS cake and we ate it for a week straight after.

And Happy Birthday to Ashlee tomorrow! She's the coolest sister AJ has! And she's my buddy...aww...

Okay, and I forgot about one other thing. My friend Blaire makes really cute baby clothes and just made some Halloween costumes that are super cute too. I've got her little Elliette Baby button on my profile on the side. I just helped her design her site, so take a look and enjoy its cuteness. Haha. If you love her stuff, she's got an Etsy shop all set up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Sorry Jennie, I took forever with this one!

Here are the rules:
Link the Person who Tagged you.
Mention rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
Leave a comment to let them know.

K, here are some quirks about me:

1. I have a serious nostalgic love for Rogers & Hammerstein musicals.

2. I have to put on my right shoe first.

3. I like popping A.J.'s zits...and it grosses me out too, but I can't help it!

4. I sort of get out of control and embarrass my friends when I dance.

5. I can't stand having long fingernails.

6. I love working out, but I almost never do. WHY?!

I Tag (assuming they actually read my blog) Jacquie, Lyndy, Monica, Natalie Olsen, Amy and Ashlee

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday A.J.!

Today is Aaron James' (I never call him that) 24th birthday. This is the part of the year when he's older than me!

A.J. is my guy. He's my perfect complement and makes my life fun and interesting. We're different in a lot of ways, but together we're pretty awesome. I decided once that if we didn't like the same kind of food, then it would be a problem. I'd go crazy. But the longer were together, the more similarities I find.

I know my life would be completely different if he weren't in it, which is super weird to think about. AJ's grandma warned me that he'd have me wrapped around his little finger with that little boy grin of his, and he really does. It's impossible to be upset with him once he grins at me. Little punk.

Here are some more things I love about him:

- when he sings in the car
- I'll complain about something, and instead of telling me to be more positive he'll agree with me and get me all riled up so I can get it all out of my system. ha.
- when he's proud of himself or tells me how cool he was at work that day
- if he laughs really hard at something, it makes me laugh too
- he shares my weird love for dogs...we point them out when we see them, like little kids
- his arms :)
- when he gets seconds of something I made
- the way he says "root beer"
- how funny he is when he plays games

OH, there's tons more. I'm just so in love with him, it's disgusting.

We met in 2004 and dated a little. Here's a picture of us from waaay back then. He was shy and I was obnoxious, just as the picture looks. I had no idea how the tables would turn...

For Halloween (2005 I think) we dressed up as an elderly couple. We went to the dance on campus and busted out some sweet moves.

When I was in St.George I drove 9 hours to Albuquerque to see him. Good times.

I guess the rest is history!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 2

I thought I'd post a little update on our situation. I've got some freelance work to get me by for now, which is really nice. I'm trying to stay busy, and after just 2 days, I am. I've got an interview at a place in Farmington this Thursday. I'm just expecting free lance from that, but you never know! I'll update our situation after that.

At AJ's work they've got him taking classes through an electrician internship program (you have to do electric work for so many hours aside from class, too). So far it's been okay, but he's been learning residential wiring and stuff, which is totally not what he'd be doing. Well after class last night he was upset because apparently the company he works for isn't certified to be providing those hours, so even if his company were on the ball and giving him those apprenticeship hours (which they are not), then they wouldn't count for his program. He's getting frustrated that this may be a waste of time.

So now I feel like we're just waiting for something to happen. If AJ gets fed up with his current work situation, there's no reason for us to stay here in Logan, and we could move so AJ could do Weber's welding engineering program.

I can't complain about being able to sleep in a little, and being here during lunch with AJ is kinda fun. I hope you're all proud that I haven't been watching Project Runway reruns all day!

K, back to work :)

Oh, and thanks for all the compliments about my attitude and such. Haha. You'd be optimistic too if you had worked where I did and the only direction to go is UP!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today we were all called into our boss's office for a meeting. She started crying a little and finally told us that she had to let us all go.

There's only 4 of us, and one is actually staying for a while to help out, so basically the small business has turned into a 2 person business. This year we got a few real estate clients that our boss was really excited about (bad timing? probably). She knew they wouldn't pay immediately so we'd have to rely on our other clients for income. Well time after time after time our clients started having money issues. They either couldn't pay us, or they wouldn't pay us, and one even threatened to sue the company for something that happened to them before they were even associated with us. Just dumb. Maybe I've been naive all this time, but I just wasn't aware that business people could sign a contract, make promises, and then just turn on you. So that's the gist of what happened.

I'm not upset actually. I also wasn't completely surprised, although I didn't see it happening today either. We've all heard the complaints about money and crappy client attitudes, etc. I see it as an opportunity to really focus on freelance jobs and Etsy stuff, as I mentioned a couple posts ago. If I can really work hard on my own stuff, maybe I'll make enough money so that we can live off that for a little while. How cool would that be to make money from Etsy when I'm taking care of little kids at home? I'll tell you – super sweet.

So after my 3 hour notice, today was my last day. Is it juvenile to be excited to sleep in on Monday? Our boss said this may be temporary, but this has happened once before (yeah I know) and those people never came back, so...

So I'm trying to make the best of this situation. AJ and I are just really hoping nothing happens with the company he's working for (it's new and has been slow). I never thought our country's economic issues would touch us up here in Logan. Sucks. Oh well, life goes on!

Monday, September 8, 2008

There's something oozing out of the ground!

This was on Failblog.com today. I just love hearing of new conspiracies. The rainbows are probably supposed to effect McCain and Obama!

I dedicate this to Matt.

PS-if you have kids watching, the video says H-E-double-hockey sticks at 1:13

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I made my very first Etsy sale today! Hooray!

If you don't know what Etsy is, it's this cool online store-front where you can have your own little shop selling homemade items. There's a lot of very creative and interesting items you can find on there. You list an item at your own price, and a small amount goes to Etsy. I haven't listed any "crafty" items yet, but I've listed several wedding invitation designs. It's a good way to make money on the side, and for the buyers, you can't beat the prices (at least in my shop). Someday I hope I can design from home (esp. if we're in Logan) so if I work hard enough I think I can make at least part of my living on Etsy. Like my friend Kirsten! Maybe finally learning to use a sewing a machine or make jewelry will pay off. Sure would be an eclectic shop.

OH! ps...I found my ring! It was under a small empty Rolaids box by my bathroom sink. Man, I really hate misplacing tiny expensive things.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Case of the Tuesdays

So as I was driving home, I started thinking about how this was one of those days...one of the really crappy kind. And after I thought of my list of crappy things I was about to blog about, I decided maybe I should think of the good things that happened today as well. So hopefully this will be therapeutic:

Crappy things:

* At 4:30 am we were woken by circus music. New record for the earliest these lame beats have been bumped. Next time I'm calling the cops.

* Can't find my wedding ring as of this morning.

* I had a really really stupid moment today at work. The kind that makes you turn bright red, makes your heart beat nervously, and makes you want to run home and never come back.

* Had to work late, and take things home, so now I have to work still.

* Finally as I left, I noticed a bright orange parking ticket on my car.

* I literally just realized I forgot my phone at work. Phone=alarm clock=tomorrow I have to come in early.

Good things:

* Tried the Navajo taco from Taco Time. Delish.

* Project Runway was on while I ate my Navajo Taco at home.

* Pretty decent hair day

* Cool enough today that I got to wear my new yellow stripey shirt (Ash did you wear yours?)

* I just got a sweet check in the mail.

* AJ just told me a funny story: a girl behind him at a light was "going to town" on one of those cake froster things. Yeah, she was gulping down crisco and sugar. Gross! He was so enthralled the light turned green and she honked at him. Hahaha...

I have to admit, I feel better. Plus, I just made AJ hug me, which helped. Now I have to figure out dinner, but at least I'm home. yaaayyy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

MCA Grand Nationals - Park City

Well, this weekend was the big weekend all the Frisby guys were going to have their Mustangs done and shown off at the big show in Park City. Unfortunately...AJ didn't get his done in time. Neither did his dad. Jared couldn't make it. And then Matt nor Jordan drove theirs. So yeah. But we still had a great time. Hopefully now that we're super experienced MCAGN goers, next year we can all be prepared for the Frisby 5 revealing...

We all met at the condo and played a lot of Wii Friday night. Then Saturday we went to the Mustang show. Even though I knew almost nothing about everything there, I still had a good time watching the boys get excited about it. AJ showed me which cars were "abominations" and which ones were awesome and rare and worth more than my life.

This is a shot of the cars lining main street in Park City. Picture that, plus both sides of the street times 50. it was huge.

Mustangs Galore

The girls were done looking at the cars a little early :) so we had the great idea of going to the outlet stores there. Now that was a good time. I should do a fashion show post. "Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!" (Kelly Kapour)

Later that evening we went to do the alpine slide, and also bought tickets for the roller coaster they have there. For the coaster, they put you in your own little car that is pulled up the mountain by a cable. When you get to the top (it takes a while-hence the pictures) you push your lever down to go and go really really fast back down the mountain! It's like a normal roller coaster with all the turns and drops, but your speed comes just from falling...gravity. Ash said it was the only one in the country like that I think. It was super fun.

On the ride up, I had some time to take pictures. AJ's in the yellow car up there.

I got a picture of AJ in his car ahead of me, and Matt and Zoie are ahead of him.

This is most of the way up. You can see how the coaster's track run above and across the track we were on. It was cool seeing everybody else coming down at the same time.

I had Ashlee grab a pic of us when we got off. Pretty sure AJ had a better time on that than it looks like.

The alpine slide was pretty amazing too. Unfortunately I'm a chicken and I didn't let myself go as fast on that, you know, with the whole "you can fall off the track" thing. I didn't get any pics of that...

We all played some more Wii, and ate some more food, and then it was time to go home. It was a really fun weekend.

But wait there's more–because we get Labor Day off! Yay! Apparently the hurricane hit Logan too, because we had thunderstorms from yesterday afternoon, during the night, and this morning. There was going to be a big Romote Control air show today but when AJ and I got out there, it had been canceled. We were bummed, but not really surprised. The rain had just barely stopped. So now, we're just sitting around, enjoying the day off. I have to get some work done, but of course blogging came first.