Sunday, November 30, 2008

This week

I'd like to apologize to my loyal readers for the lack of posts lately. (Shout out: Ane's friend that I saw at Twilight – sorry, I forgot your name)

Yeah, I finally saw Twilight. To sum it up, it was great. It was horrible. It was awesome. It was embarrassing. It was funny. I really hope the next one is better.

Well, this was my last week:

Ended my 3-week stay in Rexburg, drove my mom to the Salt Lake airport and she flew home to California. Then I drove home! Then I looked in the fridge to see if AJ had left the Thai curry in the fridge that I had asked him to throw out (3 weeks ago).

He hadn't. Ew.

I don't want to husband-bash, because I am unbelievably in love with him and very lucky to find such an awesome guy. But can I just say...HE NEEDS ME...BAD. He either didn't want to, or didn't know how to cook himself dinner the whole time I was gone. "We don't have any food." Most the food in the fridge was bad when I got home. There were Halloween candy wrappers all over under "his" chair. The shower was pretty pretty gross.

So I cleaned.

He did run the dishwasher and do a couple loads of laundry, so I do appreciate that. I just needed to tell someone, and since this is like my personal journal, and not that many people read it, and you guys ARE my E-BFF's, (catch the Seriously So Blessed joke?), I thought I'd share the story.

On Tuesday AJ and I drove down to Kaysville and got to have dinner with my grandparents (dad's side) and hang out for a while. They are really fun, and we got homemade jam to take home!

Wednesday we drove BACK to Sexy Rexy for Thanksgiving. We stayed until Saturday and had a really good time with all the Frisby Fam. The whole fam damily. We had the Wii set up with a projector, we went to the ice caves (if you want to see a hideous slash hawt picture of me click here – thanks Bernie!), we had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner (thanks Debbie), we went bowling, and I had the wonderful privilege of sleeping with 2 dogs every night, and AJ of course.

I'd like to talk about the mustache thing next, but wouldn't it be better with pictures? I'll wait until I get one from Jenni. There were lots of mustaches this week.

It was a really fun week. And I feel like it's finally okay to start decorating for Christmas. The pre-Thanksgiving pressure was ridiculous.

In other news, my unemployment money just ran out, I need to go grocery shopping, I drove "The Wasp" today, and there's still no snow here. The no snow thing is okay though, because we can still do this:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sexy Rexy

I feel like I have nothing interesting to report, but I haven't posted in like 2 weeks.

Basically, I've been in Rexburg. My mom's having major back issues, and her favorite chiropractor/miracle worker is in St. Anthony, Idaho. She flew in to SLC from California. I picked her up, she stayed at our place one night, then we headed off to Rexburg. AJ's parents have been great and have been letting her (and I) stay at their place this whole time. She was only going to stay one week, but things just weren't improved enough for her to head back home. Her job is really physical, and she didn't want to waste the trip. So I'm in Rexburg for the second week of what will probably be 4. My mom's parents are in Wyoming (2 hours from here) so she figured she might as well stay through Thanksgiving, and since I was going to be here for Thanksgiving anyway, I'm staying here too.

A.J.'s at home (he's got a job and I don't!) and I miss him a lot. I surprisingly miss making him dinner too, mostly because I know he hasn't figured out how to make himself a decent dinner yet. I feel bad he doesn't get to come home, from working extra-long days, to a nice warm meal. Cereal and pizza just isn't the same. Luckily after a little drama he came up this last weekend. It was so great! Whatever he spent on was totally worth it. I think we forget how much we need eachother sometimes. He was really sweet and took me out last night. Out on the town! Haha. My mom has been at her parents' this weekend so it was good timing, plus, I got some work done, finally after being pretty busy all week.

By the way, I got my first full-body massage last week! I never do spa-type things for myself, and I had a 2-year old gift card, so my mom and I decided to go take care of it. (btw Natalie, Ashley from Sage says hi) It was pretty cool. I was scared about being nekkid...what a wimp. It was totally fine, so I dunno what I was worried about. The girl told me I need lots of work on my shoulders, and that I should have my husband help with that if I don't go see a professional. I think I need to buy some nice massage oil or something. I'll make him heal me :)

I think I'll stop here.

Desperate Housewives is awesome this season!!!

K, now I'm done.

Jack says hi! lolz.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. Sweeeeet!

I asked my dad what he wanted for his birthday, and he said, "Take your husband out for a burger or some spudnuts to celebrate my big day." Then I had to ask what spudnuts are.

That's just the kind of guy my dad is. You ask what he wants (it's hard to shop for dads!), and it's something for me. I hand him the money I get from selling my textbooks back (that he paid for) and he tells me to keep it. He pays for my wedding and then still buys us a gift (Groundhog Day/What About Bob set!). He gives his motorcycle to AJ to have him fix it, then tells him to keep it. Yeah.

Maybe some of your millionaire daddys do the same thing, but mine does it without the cash and twice the heart. It's incredible.

So Dad, I hope you have a great day today. I may still buy you something, but don't get your hopes up, because you told me a blog post or handmade card would do this year. Megan told me I could make you a necklace... And don't forget, you got to sleep in an extra hour on a Sunday! Happy Birthday! Wow, are you 40 already? ;)

I really wanted to post a cute pic of my dad on here, but he's usually the one behind the camera, plus, they're mostly at their house. The ones I had I used up in my Father's Day post. Okay, I had one more, but it was embarrassing. But here's a nice one of all of our parents...

psst! Hey Dad, I just realized where I got my love for dressing up, mentioned in my Halloween post. From you! It's genetic! Santa! Robin! Third Eye man! Road Kill! make up! wigs! haha. Now that would have been some great pictures to post.

edited later: Jeff sent me this pic, and I had to add it to the birthday post!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

People, I love Halloween. I must have asked AJ about 20 times the last few days what we were going to do Halloween night. I was mostly just excited to dress up!

At one point there was a possibility that we'd go to the Howl at USU with a friend of his, but that didn't work out. Turns out the kid was unaware that you even had to buy tickets, and after I told AJ how much tickets would be, I think the plan fizzled away. It's probably a good thing though, because I hear the Howl is a total skank-fest. Like, if you are a girl that only wants to wear saran wrap, you'd fit in perfectly.

Oh, and I am quite aware that for most females out there Halloween is the one night a year you can dress like a skank-a-tron. But that is SO LAME. I think in Mean Girls it was said perfectly. Here's one of my favorite clips (sorry it was the best I found)

So, I had no plans, and no real reason to dress up, but I just couldn't resist myself. AJ went and saw a movie with a friend, while I was very content all by myself trying to figure out a costume. What I came up with is probably the girliest thing I've ever been, next to this:

(I'm on the far left. Refer to that Mean Girls video to guess what some boys' reactions were.)

I turned out to be some kind of spider lady. I decided if I'm ever alone and bored, all I need to do is start painting all over my face and I'll be happy. So, AJ thought it was hot (a first for my costumes), and I got TWO compliments from all the people that came by last night. Oh yeah.

I also finished my super-ghetto Halloween craft project. I wanted to line our sidewalk (so kids knew where we were) with these pumpkin dudes on sticks, but a big styrofoam ball was out of my cheap price range, so I decided to create my own. It got weird. What you're looking at is plastic grocery bags bunches together and glued to a smaller cheaper styrofoam ball, all covered in newspaper. Then I painted it orange and put faces on. A couple turned out okay, and the last one was pretty ugly. And to think I was going to make 5!

Ignore the garbage cans

I guess I wasn't entirely alone last night...I had lots of candy to keep me company...cute basket huh!?