Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Cards

Well, I decided to illustrate our cards this year, thanks to all the votes! I've just ordered them, so I'm hoping to mail them out before we go to Hawaii in 10 DAYS!!! Anyhoo, please e-mail me at to send me you address if you'd like one. Yay!

Here's a sneak peek: Haha.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Card

In the usual American retail fashion, I'm moving straight from Halloween to Christmas. For a minute. This year I'd like to design our Christmas cards and send them out. But I'm stuck...and I need your help! Should our cards include a photo of us, or an illustration of us (by me of course)?? See, a photo would be quick and easy, and you could actually see what we look like. And how big our Christmas puppy is compared to us (what–did you actually think Griz wouldn't be in the family picture?). But then an illustration could be pretty cute. And I could "dress" AJ up as an elf. Haha...just kidding. Or am I?

So please vote. Maybe just with a comment because I don't feel like making an actual poll for the blog right now. And I'll need everyone's addresses, but I'll just wait and announce that later because I'm afraid I'll lose it before December!

Halloween Pictures

Here's AJ and I at our friend Blaire's party (she's the one in the second picture that I totally beat in the doughnut contest :)

Thanks for the pictures Blaire!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I loved Halloween. If I can gather the costume photos I will post them later. I was a silly witch with a tutu, high tops, and green face, and AJ was THIS guy. I had some fun decorations which I may have to post pics of too. But it's late.

I got called at the primary chorister (I teach kids songs at church). It's a big job and I get stressed out every Sunday. Today was a good day though, surprisingly, because I had 40 minutes to fill instead of 20. Twice. We have our program coming up, so it's been a challenge to just figure out what songs they know. I'm also on the enrichment committee too which is right up my alley (versus singing in front of kids). AJ has been called as scout master which I think he'll rock at once he gets a chance to be there, work permitting.

For the last 3 weeks AJ has been working in Rock Springs, only coming home for a day or 2 on the weekends. We miss him. A lot.

Something's wrong with me. All evening the room spins every time I move. Vertigo? It's weird.

My highlights are totally growing out now and I think I'll dye my hair dark auburn tomorrow to cover it up, instead of paying a professional to do a great job fixing them. $3 is cheaper than $60.

I was only home last night long enough for 2 trick-or-treaters. Anyone want some candy?

I made Griz the coolest dog bed ever (kinda old news). It's 46 x 36 inches which is just right for him = huge. He slept on our bed last night.

It snowed a week ago. And stuck. And I was a little sad instead of excited. But the real problem is all the leaves covering my lawn. Not only do I have to rake those up, but I have to find the dog poo to pick up underneath too.

I almost won 2 doughnut-on-a-string eating competitions yesterday. I'm pretty much awesome.

It's officially my dad's birthday now. Happy birthday Dad!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We won!!!

Griz and I got 1st place in Petsmart's Howloween costume contest! YEAH!

Winners were based on applause, and I really couldn't tell who was a clear winner. Our friends and their dogs Cooper (black lab) and Jade (mix-looks like a mini black lab) were dressed as Batman and Robin. They were awesome! But somehow we beat them and they got 2nd. We won a $20 Petsmart gift card, and went home with lots of treats. Oh, and we got our picture taken of course :)

You can't really tell in the pic, but Griz was wearing an old nightgown, or "Granny's" nightgown you could say. He was the Big Bad Wolf who swallowed Granny and I was Lil Red Riding Hood. I pulled together our costumes super last minute, but hey, we won! WOOOHOOOO!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grizzly is ONE!

You all know I'm the crazy dog lady, but I try not to blog about Grizzly TOO much. Well yesterday was his first birthday! WOOHOO! So just to catch you up on his incredible growth, I made this little chart. It amazes me too, holy cow. I'm making him a huge dog bed since I couldn't find one big enough for a decent price (um, Petsmart, that is NOT a "large") so maybe I'll post some pictures of it when I'm done. And yes the above picture was taken with my camera's timer because I'm a huge nerd.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blog Post #158

I know, I've been the crappiest blogger lately. Basically it's because I keep waiting until I can post the latest news about job interviews, rejections, and offers, but my sister has pointed out to me that I shouldn't blog to the world about such things. I can't tell you the names of these places just in case they google me and read about it. I can't mention my personal feelings about these places or people just in case I screw myself over in the process.

But let it be known: There have been interviews, rejections, and offers. I have been excited about things, upset about things, and still don't know some details about some other things. BUT the bottom line is, I'm still doing freelance from home and have gotten some new work. So that's pretty cool. Nothing yet that will look good on a home loan application, but whatever. We're doing well.

A.J. is amazing...he just works his little buns off. He turned *gasp!* 25 last week! We got a Playstation 3 and up until a couple days ago have been playing our games. Why have we stopped? Because we BEAT them! Booyah! AJ got Birds of Prey (WWII airplane dogfighting game) and I got Harry Potter–The Half-Blood Prince. I decided I love kid games. And I haven't seen a Harry Potter movie since the 3rd one, so now I totally know what The Half Blood Prince was about. Haha! I did the same thing with Kung Fu Panda (during the week we had an xBox 360). So anyway, does anyone have PS3 games they want to share with us? We don't have cable...

Grizzly is almost 1 year old! He's about 75 lbs and finally starting to slow down (growth-wise) but he'll probably fill out just a little more. Just had to answer the question that EVERYONE asks me ("so how big will he get?"). I'm sure I'll post pictures of whatever ridiculous thing I decide to do for his first birthday. Cute lil' guy!

In other news, I'm super excited for October, Halloween costumes and decorating. But it snowed yesterday and that's despicable.

I'd also like to randomly announce (may be old news) that Simply (juice) now has raspberry lemonade, and you all need to go out and buy 2 bottles, because 1 won't be enough. It's incredible.

AND Happy Birthday Ashlee! Haha.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wherewolves and heartbreak, the Volturi–Oh My!

*If you are not a fan of the Twilight series, just ignore this.*

A new New Moon trailer! This looks so sweet.

At the time I read the second book, I couldn't wait to get to the third one, but I'm remembering what made that book so great (it wasn't the beginning!) It's gonna be soooo cool to see the Volturi on the big screen!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

#1- I'm SO glad I don't have to date anymore
#2- I'm SO glad I married the coolest/smartest/awesomest guy in the world

Listen here to see why.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top of Utah Half Marathon

And finally we're caught up to this week's events.

Saturday was the Top of Utah Half Marathon! Woohoo! Natalie had challenged me to do the Georgetown one with her, and I figured since I was already prepared, I might as well sign up for the one in my own hometown. Right? So I did. And it was awesome!

The course starts in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, at the same place my 15k started. It was dark when the buses took us up there. The course ends in Providence, oh, 13.1 miles later :) The canyon part is beautiful, and it's downhill most of the way. It was even overcast and breezy which felt perfect! We even had a tail wind there for a while, so I was really getting pushed down some of the hills.

I felt really good and strong the whole time. Not perfect, but pretty darn good. I had been worrying about my hips since they were STILL sore from my first half, 3 weeks prior. I prayed hard, and stretched really well, and I don't think I even felt them until maybe the 10th mile. But by then my knees hurt worse, so I was good. Haha.

My first mile was about 9:17, and I thought to myself, okay, you're going too fast, you're going to get burned out, but I just kept going at that pace since I still felt fine. One thing I do with all that time to think, is I do math with my mile times. I had a goal of finishing under 2:10, so I figured if I kept going at that pace, I could get pretty close to that. So I just kept on going. I passed each mile right around 9 minutes from the last one, so I knew I was doing well.

I had such a blast because I felt like I was passing people the entire time. In reality the first 3 miles is just a mess, because there are so many people at that starting line, starting their race at different times (for example I was over 30 seconds behind the people in front) and running at different speeds, so you have to weave around slower people while faster people are trying to get around you. But after that, I was steadily passing people which was fun.

Right around the 6th mile, I saw my old roommate Melissa! It was so crazy! She lived with Natalie and I, what a coincidence that 3 of us did half-marathons this year. So I ran with her for about a mile and went ahead. Around the 7th mile you come out of the canyon and start running past houses in some rural neighborhoods. This was fun because that's where people line the streets and cheer for you. Hooray! I don't care who they're cheering for, it helps me keep moving. Around the 10th mile my knees were really killing me, but I pushed through. That's also about the point where the course goes gradually uphill for about 2 miles. The last mile or two are all downhill towards the finish line. That was the best! I could see the finish line for probably half a mile and it helped me run really strong until the end. There were tons of people and I felt good enough to sprint to the finish (although it probably didn't look like a sprint). All these people are cheering, and I heard one voice out of all of them, A.J.'s! YAY! I grinned at him and Grizzly bear and was sooo glad they were there at the finish for me.

Well, I am so excited about my final time. I was hoping for at least 2:10, thinking under 2 hours would be awesome but not likely. Well I finished in 2 hours flat! Woohoo! My average mile time was 9:13, which is really good for me. I had been watching my mile times the whole race, so I was really happy that I had ran at such a consistent pace.

AJ took this picture of me after I finished. The other shots of me show 2 legs, but I figured not showing you those other strange facial expressions was worth my one-legged look here. Haha.

And no, that guy behind me is not dead.

Later that day we went up to Bear Creek Lodge, which is close to Bear Lake, for AJ's summer work party. I could hardly move my legs, and that really impacted the games I competed in. I had hoped to excel in the cow pie toss, the gunny sack race, and the 3-legged race, but it wasn't happening. Sorry, AJ. They had some nice prizes so it would have been nice to win. AJ told me earlier that a 50 inch plasma TV would be one of the prizes, so I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to perform. Well, my husband is just a sweetheart and let me believe that for like, 4 hours at least. There was no plasma. Fortunately he filled me in on the truth before I started telling people about the TV I wanted to win...haha!

We had a delish BBQ and then just kinda hung out and watched the employees' kids go crazy with marshmallow guns. (It's amazing how people can let their kids get so obnoxious and as I'm being shot with sticky marshmallows they will ask, "so when are you going to have a little angel of your own?" Hmm.) The adults were all just hanging out and probably thought I was boring, but I was completely drained of all my energy for the day. They tried to convince us to stay the night but I was out. So we went home and I slept for like 12 hours.

The end!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend of Romance...

So, after I got home from Denver, AJ told me he had a surprise weekend planned for me. Weee! I was pretty excited, and spent all week asking him what it was. I asked casually, just in case he'd tell me casually, but he never did. When Friday came he told me we needed to leave and needed to be packed. So of course, I asked him what type of clothes I needed to pack. A formal gown? Swimsuit? Rain jacket? He told me long jeans and a swimsuit and some shirts. Well that didn't help much, but the more I asked the more he teased me. I'd say "okaaaay, I'm packing a sweatshirt" and he'd say "alright, but it will be pretty warm in the Bahamas." Or "I don't think you'll need that for scuba diving..." Or "don't forget blah blah for sky diving..." Isn't he just so silly :) The other clue was that we were going with Matt and Andrea (AJ's brother and his wife). We seemed to be running late or something and AJ said "ahh! we're not going to get there until its 8 now!" so I had another clue :) I think I had it partly figured out by then, and when we turned to go south on I-15 it was confirmed. We were headed to southern Utah, wooo!

Andrea was also in the dark about the trip, and only found out about it at the last minute. She knew something was up because their anniversary was Monday, but I think I mentioned the trip on Facebook, so that gave it away. That's when she learned AJ and I were crashing their anniversary trip, buwhaha!

We (Matt) were rushing, as fast as AJ's grandpa's Lincoln would go (long story), to get to our romantic destination in time. The guys had made reservations. We picked up a pizza in Cedar City, ate it in the car (in record speed) and headed up the canyon there to the Dixie National Forest. It was dark but I could tell we'd be staying in the mountains, and since they had reservations I could tell it would not be in a tent (am I a genius or what). We pulled into Pinewoods Resort and guess what, we each had our own suite! I don't know who gets more credit (Matt or AJ) but AJ got a big sloppy kiss for sure. He's pretty much awwwesooommme.

Hangin' out in the Lincoln...

AJ found these sweet pocket-size binoculars
View from the back seat:There was lots to do up there, but apparently we have bad timing. Every 4-wheeler was rented out, so we looked at some other options. After we scoped out how much horseback riding would be, and rented some fishing poles, we decided to go golfing. Haha. We had a lot of fun! It was nice that I wasn't the only one who wasn't a pro at golf. My ball usually went in the right direction, but very slowly. This particular course was quite unique. I've never seen so many holes in the middle of the fairway...with prairie dogs in them! Those critters were everywhere! After joking around about hitting one, guess who nailed one right in the side? ME! And no I wasn't aiming but it was pretty funny that I got one! No it didn't die, I think I just knocked the wind out of him. And then I couldn't find my ball so I wonder if it went down a hole, hmm...

Andrea got a picture of one...

The best part of the day had to be when AJ and I both got holes in one on the same hole!!! Now is that romantic or what? There must have been something special in the air for us to be THAT awesome at the SAME time. Don't believe me? Here's the picture to prove it!

Later we loaded up on nice cold beverages and snuck them into the movies (buwahaha). We saw the Proposal, which I think is hilarious. After that we headed back up to the resort to try out their little restaurant there. It wasn't bad. Then since their hot tub was broken (again, bad timing) we decided to rent a movie from their little collection.

The next morning we drove home! It was a really fun weekend, and I would definitely go back another time. Is my husband the best or what?

More golfing pictures. Check out how beautiful the course is, minus the prairie dog mess:

A.J. studying how NOT to swing. Haha, J/K Matt!

Andrea full of grace. Hehe.
Sweet action shot! Nice camera skills, Matt. Nice awkward-looking golfing skills, Hilary.

Aww we're so cute putting together.

Oh yeah, it's goin in...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first half-marathon

I have to admit, for the 24 hours before the race, I felt so sick! And I had one of those nights where you're always somewhat conscious, so I definitely wasn't rested, which didn't help the nerves.

We waited in the cold for quite a while for our bus, and then we drove and drove and drove! Oh my...the longer you drive the longer you have to run! When the gun went off (which I don't even remember hearing) we were running around trying to drop off our jackets, but even though we weren't physically there on time, it worked out since you are timed by the thing on your shoe anyway. Hehe.

(pictures are screenshots from the photographer's site...yes I'm too cheap to purchase these little memories)
The starting line in Georgetown. (notice ALL the port-a-potties!) And the beautiful lake!

Zach (Natalie's husband) stayed with us for the first couple miles, but I don't think his longer legs could stay back with us. Pretty sure it was the legs. Otherwise we would have killed him in the race. Haha!

The course was beautiful. However, it was also quite hilly. Everyone says its all downhill (it started at 8700 ft!) but it was more rolling hills. I'd say around mile 7 we were both feeling it. Our hips were starting to ache. And our knees. And ankles. So then we'd stop every couple of miles to stretch, and I made sure to stop my watch each time. Hehehehe... The last 3 or 4 miles were pretty rough. The farthest I had run prior to the race was 10 miles, so I should have expected that, but Natalie had run 6 or 7 prior, so I was super impressed that she was still truckin' right along! We saw a couple photographers so we put on a little show for them. LOL. We held hands and looked really goofy and obviously they captured the essence of our friendship. Hehe.
Hey look! It's Natalie and me! She's way cuter. I don't think action shots are my thing :) Maybe because I felt like my hips were gonna fall off!

We slowed down mile 12 so we could finish strong. The last part was through the little town of Idaho Springs, and it was the longest mile ever! We ran together until the last 10 yards and then Natalie told me to sprint ahead, so I did! And I obviously didn't get too far ahead of her :)

13 miles!!!

After the race we went to some lake (yeah I dunno what it's called) with Zach's family and had a yummy lunch made by his mommy :) We weren't interested in moving very much, so that was pretty much it. Oh, and we took some after-the-race photos there, just because I know you all wanted to see my pasty legs again. I love how when it's just Natalie and me we look normal, and then with Zach we look like midgets.

The rest of my time spent in the Denver area was really nice. We mostly hung out with all the family that was in town (for Zach's sister's wedding), but that's my style. I love being around good people in a comfortable setting. And then running 13 miles. Geez.

Well, folks guess what? I'm running another half-marathon in 10 days! It's the Top Of Utah half, so I figured since it's in Logan, and I've already put in the hard work, I might as well sign up, right?

I almost forgot to post pictures of my new hair! Natalie is the coolest. I gots highlights! I took these for my sister, so, you understand...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My race TO Denver

Before I tell you how my race went, I have to tell you the horrendous time I had getting to Denver.

We dropped off Grizzly at a friend's house in Ogden. We stayed for too long, and then got lost up there in one huge complicated neighborhood. At this point we were afraid I'd miss my flight, but I said "if you get me there in 30 minutes I'll be fine!" So finally we get to the airport, in 30 minutes! just in time for my flight to start boarding. Quick kiss and see ya! Hurry! Run!

Well it turns out I was approx 7 minutes late for boarding (I figured I could just run to my gate). The problem was, if you aren't there 30 minutes before, not 23 minutes before, you can't check your bags onto the plane. No problem, I'll just check it at the gate. But NOOooo my bag was too big! "Guess you'll just have to catch a later flight" I was told. Oh my gosh.

So I go to the ticket counter and talk to the Delta dude. My flight leaves at 4:50pm and by this time it's about 4:35. He tells me what I was already just told by the first guy (short on time here!) so when is the next flight? 7:00. Oh, but it's completely full. And the next flight with any openings is at 6am the next day. Well can't I just jump on my flight real quick and you can send my luggage with the next plane to Denver? No, you have to travel with your luggage. So can I get a refund? No, because I was so awesome I bought my ticket a couple months early which is too early. Okay, so maybe I'll sleep in the airport and catch the flight in the morning. Oh, well Delta adds on $250 in penalty fees to bump my flight, so I might as well buy a new plane ticket. And my return ticket would also be no good, so I'd have to buy a new one to get home. So at this point I'm considering losing my $200 round trip ticket, and buying a couple new (expensive) ones (even though we had the "wow we're pretty poor" convo earlier that day). On another airline.

I tell the Delta dude I need to call my husband, but asked if he'd check if my plane was still boarding. He said they were actually delayed for some reason and stopped boarding, but I better hurry anyway.

So I called A.J....and cried.

And then he turned around, ran into the airport, threw me over his shoulder, flipped off the security guards, hijacked a plane, and flew me to Denver.

Well, no, but it was pretty close.

I told him the whole story, and he was like, "wait, you could still get on your plane if you just had a smaller bag??? Well just take out only the things you need, throw them in a bag, and I'll swing by to pick up your suitcase." "uhhh, okay I'll go ask the Delta dude! sniff."


The Delta dude looked at me like I was crazy, but said "uh I guess that will work. But you can't leave your suitcase here or it will get confiscated. Tell your husband to meet you at the top of the escalator in the parking garage." So then it was frenzy time and I was shouting "K i'm gonna open everything right here! What liquids can I take? Lotion? Is soap okay? Do you have a plastic bag?!?!" He brought me out a huge CLEAR Delta plastic bag. I mean, it was big, I could have fit in it. And this whole time I'm throwing clothes etc. around and hoping my plane still hasn't left.

As a side note, I had packed like a champion, and I had every little thing I needed. Well now I just had clothes and soap. And running shoes.

I zipped up my half-empty suitcase, swung the big awkward bag over my shoulder, and sprinted up the escalator where my GENIUS husband was already waiting for me! Yes! I handed off the baton/suitcase to him, and ran down to security.

I shoved my hobo (not the cool kind) bag into the bin.


Ma'am you need to take off your belt.

Beep! AAHHH!

You need to take off your earrings.

K, so I make it through. I just grab everything, barely putting my shoes on and keep running for it. Well guess what happens when you've got a heavy plastic bag slung over your shoulder and your hands are full and you're not wearing a belt? Well if you made the poor choice of wearing shorts 2 sizes too large, then that means your pants are about to fall off. So I'm running, trying to hold up my pants with my full hands, looking like a huge idiot. Finally I stop to put my belt on. And that was the last time I saw my earrings (R.I.P.)

I finally get to my gate (if you've been on a Skywest "connection" flight you know you are in the very farthest gates) and I get there panting and sweaty holding my hobo sack, and everyone's just kinda looking at me. Well, my flight was still delayed, and my plane was still on the ground. And everyone looked annoyed that it was so late.


It was one of those moments where you feel tears of joy that God was looking out for you, one of those moments where you are definitely sure that He provided a huge thunderstorm to annoy hundreds of people in 2 different states, as long as it allows you to make it to your flight in time. Okay, it's a ridiculous and selfish feeling, but I was feeling pretty darn blessed!

Also, if you've been on a Skywest/Delta connection flight, you know that you will be boarding a very tiny plane. Well, this is why most people who have larger bags will check them at the gate, but seeing as I couldn't risk anything happening to my big plastic bag, I brought it on with me. And created a traffic jam since I was "that" lady, trying to squish a huge bag into the overhead compartment. Well it fit, suckas!

2 hours after I was scheduled to leave, I was finally flying to Denver. There was a nice lady next to me. She had her phone's wallpaper set to a photo of her dog, too. Instant friends. Hahaha...

Natalie had arranged for a shuttle to pick me up, and when I talked to the shuttle people, it turned out I'd have to wait another hour, and THEN hope I wasn't the last to be dropped off. Well, Natalie and Zach are awesome, so they came and picked me up. I told her the story about why I was going to look like a homeless person living at the airport, and we decided we better get a picture of it.

I'm pretty happy looking here, but that's just because my journey was over and Natalie and Zach came to save me! Now imagine me with tears in my eyes and sweat on my brow, and that's what I looked like most of the day. Hehe.

Stay tuned for the race summary :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's the Fi-nal Count-down..

Na na NAH na. Na na NAH na na. Na na NAH na. Na na NA na na NA na... (Gob Bluth magic show song)

This coming Saturday is my first HALF-MARATHON!

I'm flying to Denver tomorrow! My awesome friend/old roommate Natalie challenged me to do the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half-marathon with her a few months ago, and it's finally here. She's the one with this site, remember? I think I'm ready. I've only ran 10.6 miles on my own, but 13.1 is attainable I believe :) I was going to run 12 last week, but I did something really dumb and couldn't. I sunburned my belly so bad I didn't want to move and have since gone through a lot of aloe, lotion, and cold wash cloths, and sweat bubbles and peeling skin (gross I know). AJ has this Gold Bond medicated lotion that is sweet because it moisturizes, cools down, and relieves itching. Just thought I'd recommend it.

Anyway, so I think the race will go great. I believe it starts at 8700 ft., which I will not be prepared for, but oh well. Its downhill, it's beautiful, it will be cool, I'll be running with my will be great.

I'll be gone 5 days, and the race will take up like 3 hours of that time, so I don't know what we're doing the other days, but it will be really fun! OH and Natalie is doing my hair which I badly badly need. Hooray!

Wish me luck :)

And now, I present a slideshow of one special night when it was late and Natalie, Noel, and I decided it was more fun to make silly faces than go to bed. Enjoy.

For added entertainment, click the sound icon to hear the Pussycat Dolls serenade you. And don't forget to look out for the paparazzi! Oh boy, too much fun with these slideshow maker things...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Good News

My awesome husband weldin' it up :)

AJ just called me and said "well I've done my part to get us a house, now it's up to you!"

For the first time since November my husband now has an official full-time job! We get health insurance again! Luckily he has been able to work pretty consistently, but nothing has really been secure. I am sooo happy for him. And I'm so lucky to be married to such a hard-workin' man, who is very resourceful. He can do anything.

After both of us losing jobs, it's time for some good news!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Made For Cache Giveaway!

Made For Cache is the name of our Etsy team, here in Cache Valley (get it?) We meet every month to talk about ways to promote our Etsy shops and our little businesses ( is a place where you can sell your handmade items). So far we've got a blog up, a Twitter account, a Facebook group, a Google group...we're trying our best to get the word out.

Well a great way to promote our stuff, is to give it away! Right now on our blog we are hosting a giveaway where one lucky winner will receive handmade items from all of us. What I've contributed is a coordinating set of greeting cards. They are just cute and simple:

There are also some really talented knitters, sewers, jewelry makers, and photographers in our group, so there has to be something you will want to win.

All you have to do to enter, is to visit one our our Etsy shops (links to the shops are on the right side of the blog), and then leave a comment on the Made For Cache blog about any item your viewed. That's it! You are entered to win! So stop by, and if you like what you see, make sure to tell your friends so they can all get in on the action!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perkins Party time

My dad posted on the Perkins family blog! It's been 2 years since anyone has posted on it, so I thought I'd better announce the news to the world :)

The Perkins Blog

Any of you cousins (or friends) should read it. Apparently there's a really sweet book about our heritage! Plus my dad just said some really nice things.


This week I'm flying to Turlock to my parents' (yes "home" is finally starting to feel like it's "here" instead of "there", but lets be honest, they're both home.) My good friend Heather is getting married on Saturday, and I'm sooo excited for her and to see my friends. Remember last Summer? My friend Maren got married, and we all got to see eachother then. Since then Stef has been living in Missouri, and Maren in Arizona, and I just can't wait to see everyone again. By the way, if you look at that old post, that is SERIOUSLY the last time I had my hair cut. A year ago. My layers are so weird right now. Luckily my friend Natalie is going to give my hair a makeover when I see her in a few weeks for our half-marathon! Oh, and she just did Design Mom's hair! How awesome is that? K getting off topic..

So anyway...we are doing well. I'm just finishing a big project I've been working on for a few months, so that, you know, feels good. AJ has been working a lot, including 2 big side-jobs recently, and there's another company here in town that is noticing his hard work and talent. So basically we're feeling good about him having work in the future, whether it's with this current company or a different one.

If all our little dreams come true, we may even find a house here to buy. We've been casually looking at some, which has been fun. It's a challenge trying to find aaaalllll the stuff we want within our price range, but when the time comes I think we'll be able to find something. Plus...first-time home buyers...that's like 8 grand in our pockets. I would just love having a garden and painting walls and and all that other fun stuff.

In Grizzly news, he turns 9 months in 2 days and is 65 lbs. And he crawled onto my lap in the front seat of the car yesterday because the bass of AJ's music scared him. Ooof. Hehe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run

On Saturday I ran my first 15k. 9.3 miles! It was in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, near Hyrum. I have to say, at every one of these running events I sign up for, I'm ALWAYS surprised at how many people actually show up! It's good, it's just funny. I guess I don't expect anyone else to get up that early, or to sign up for a crazy long run to begin with.

During my 10k (6 miles) several weeks ago I kept counting down the miles and constantly thought about how long it was. Plus I had a side ache the whole time. This run went really well. I learned how to breathe so I would have side pains, and I ran strong and consistent, at a good pace. It also felt great having the race be downhill most of the way. It was a beautiful run, and I felt good. And I wasn't counting down TOO bad so I was actually surprised that I wasn't "suffering" with the distance like before. It was either flat or downhill the whole time until the 7th mile, which was a huge incline for at least a quarter mile. But I was strong! I didn't have to walk (although I walked for a second since the water station was there–no drinking while running!) and passed some people, and I stayed ahead of this one lady I was trying to beat and/or run with for the last few miles. So after that we were in Hyrum, running down to the park. I had no idea where the finish line was, but I saw the 8 mile marker, so I started speeding up. I felt pretty good so just kept with a strong pace and passed lots of people. That one lady was on my tail, but I had a good lead. I was feelin pretty confident.

I'm trying to see the finish line past all the runners and trees, when I noticed the 9 mile marker. Yes! .3 miles to go! I'm awesome! Then someone shot me in the ribs. Okay, not really, but seriously, out of no where I had the sharpest side pain ever and I had to stop running completely. Oh, and NOW I can see the finish line, GREAT! It was SOOO horrible!!! So all the people I had passed are now passing me and saying "you can do it! Don't give up! Almost there!" I seriously couldn't move. Finally I could barely walk, and I managed to slowly jog through the finish line, but I felt so defeated. It was awful. And AJ was there for me at the finish thank goodness because I needed to cry for .7 seconds about the whole thing. He just kept telling me how I did it and finished...I was so mad though. Still am. 9 freaking miles with no pain, and then BAM!

Then I got on AJ's motorcycle (I was wearing shorts and his big jacket so basically it looked like I had no pants on) and he drove me back to my car at the starting line. That was a long drive! I couldn't believe I ran that far. So anyway, overall I did well. My time was 1 hour 23 minutes, which is better than I thought I'd do time-wise.

So that's the latest on my running progress. My next run is the half-marathon! AHHH!!! 13.1 miles at a super high elevation in Denver. I'm pretty darn excited. August 8th! And even though the side-pain thing is really frustrating, I'm starting to feel like 13 miles is definitely doable now!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, this post might sound highly inappropriate, but it is sooo unlikely that anything like this would ever actually happen. So let's just have fun with it, shall we?

Here's the question: If one certain celebrity were to cross paths with you, and you could break your marriage vows with only this one "freebie" person, who would it be? (by now you should know which vow I'm talking about)

My sweet husband and I were discussing this a few days ago after watching The Italian Job. Somewhere between mentioning Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg the question came up. And I should add, it's a fun conversation to have because a) these aren't "real" people so you can talk about them without any jealous feelings, 2) sometimes you have nothing to talk about these days, so why not? and c) by the end of it you'll feel lucky you have a super hot spouse all to yourself.

On with the names...

A.J. says he gets 2 ( so, so do I, neener neener). Sandra Bullock. Charlize Theron. I guess he's always had a thing for Sandra, and I'm thinking Charlize was somewhat an impulsive choice, but whatever. She's GORgeous.

(sorry, AJ, I just had the HARDEST time finding some good pictures of these 2! I guess you'll just have to look at MY pictures when you come to our blog to be reminded of real hotness. You didn't think I'd let them steal my thunder did you?)

Mine. Brad Pitt (don't yawn yet) and Johnny Depp. I know Brad is soo many girls' choice, but listen. What if I don't meet him until I'm 60? You KNOW he's still going to be hott (2 t's). That handsome devil ages so well (and I saw Benjamin Button but I think he'll be hotter than that). Johnny Depp is more of a runner-up because for me, it really depends on his hair situation ie. head hair and facial hair. It makes a difference. And for the record, pirate dreads work for me.

Mmm armpit
I decided to post this now, because A.J. just texted me that he's seeing the new Johnny Depp movie at the moment, and that made me decide NOW that Johnny's my #2. (He's out of town working, the only way he'd see that without me).

Okay, so who's your FREEBIE??? Don't be shy. We know you really wouldn't do it anyway.

Baby Eva!

I try not to post about our dog very much, because let's face it, you guys don't think he's as cute as we do. BUT you cannot argue that this wittle baby puppy is adooorrrrrrable!

We have a friend named Sarah who we met because she saw us walking Griz one day. She had to stop and talk to us about our Airedale, since she's always wanted one. She only lives a few blocks away, and several weeks ago she told me she got a puppy! Well she finally got to pick up her puppy Eva, and she let me watch her yesterday while she was at work. It was so fun!

Eva is sooo little. I don't think Griz was ever that tiny! And although they are completely different in size, they totally act the same. Cuz they are both puppies!

I took some pictures of their cuteness, so I'll just let those speak for themselves.

saying "hi"
Eva was almost hiding under the ottoman!
thanks for sharing your toys, Eva! They pretty much swapped for eachother's all day.

she's as big as his head!

check out her little curly piggy tail!