Monday, February 23, 2009

*cough cough*

I've had a cold for like, 2 weeks. I usually don't have cold symptoms for more than 4 days. Over these two weeks it has gone from earaches and tingly skin to headaches to sore throats to nasty congestion.

Now all I have left is the congestion. And coughing. It's been pretty tolerable during the day-time. I blow my nose, spit loogies (gross sorry) and cough every once in a while, and I'm good. But then around 8-9 every night, I start getting these coughing attacks. One side of my throat gets all tickly and then it just gets out of control. So far it doesn't really hurt, but I can't complete a sentence without coughing. And sleeping is a joke. The inhales will tickle, then go away, then the exhales start tickling. Just as I or AJ would fall asleep I'd start coughing again. Last night I had to get up and sleep downstairs because I'd feel too bad knowing AJ would be working a 14 hour day on no sleep. Griz followed me :)

Anyway, if anyone has advice let me know. Once I got downstairs I popped a couple cough drops which helped a little.

But HEY you guys won't believe the ab workout!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top That!

I've always loved the scene from Teen Witch when they do the Top That rap. I've also just assumed no one else would ever know what scene I was talking about...except maybe my sister. AND I wish I knew the words.

A couple nights ago I was online getting caught up on 30 Rock, and Kenneth performed the Top That rap! Oh my goodness. I tried to find the video of him for you, but it's been removed. Boo.

It's a great moment when you remember something from your childhood, and then you realize you can probably find it on youtube.

So here you go!

By the way, the main reason I'm blogging about this event is because A.J. doesn't care about how cool I think this is, and has never seen Teen Witch, and won't open the link I just im'd him. What a party pooper.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

I'm so lucky to be loved by two cute boys with beards. They are sweethearts, and my bestest friends.

A.J. is MY sweetheart. I love him so much. He works so hard, and I sit on my butt all day drawing hearts on pictures I took during a photo shoot on my bed with our puppy. I've been feeling sick lately (not throwing up–don't get any ideas). Wednesday was the worst, and when AJ got home he rubbed my shoulders and helped me with a bath and made me feel so much better. And HE was the one that needed pampering after working so hard aaaall day. What a great man I married.

Happy Valentine's Day baby!

Grizzly is 4 months old today :) And he ate those flowers right after I got these blurry pictures. Oh well, I was asking for it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I need your help.

I've been looking for an end table, and with my budget and free time I wanted to do a DIY project. I've been looking at D.I. and Craigslist for any good stuff. Well the last time I went to D.I. it was super busy (the smells, the crying...) and I found an end table I really liked. But AJ wasn't there, and I wanted his opinion. So I took pictures of it with my phone and headed to the check-out line with some cool bottles I found...

Every single line had the cashier on their intercom asking for help. I was getting SO antsy, and I kept pulling my phone out and looking at those end table pictures while I was waiting. Then I made a "screw this!" sound and ran back to grab the table. I didn't want to risk someone else taking it. I looked like a doofus carrying the thing back up front, and I got some funny looks. After I paid for my stuff, I asked the cashier "you can return furniture right?" "Uh, no."

So without further ado, I present my end table that I can't return, but it's okay because together we are going to turn this thing into a real beauty.

I like the shape of it, and it's sturdy, and the doors work great. I don't really know what's up with those handles, but they'll be replaced. I think the way it's designed could match our little Ikea bookcase.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it. The wood on it doesn't strike me as something I'd feel bad covering up. I've been thinking I could paint it to match our black bookcase, but then everything might start being black, black, black. Our sofas our blackish brown, but you know, pretty much black.
I'm wondering if I should do a 2-tone thing, like maybe the deeper areas could be a cool color. Green and black? Leave the wood and add another color? I've been digging yellows lately...Red? White? Turquoise? I've been afraid of color for too long, and I need to be brave this time. I'm definitely not doing hot pink, but something classy looking.

What do you guys think?

I also want to paint this mirror.
Any suggestions? It's big, and I'm not sure where I'll put it, but the frame is actually plastic or something, so I have no desire to keep the fake brownness of it. My aunt gave it to me and I figured I could pull something off.

These next pictures are for my mom especially. I keep forgetting to show the artwork I made. I decided I need to have cool looking stuff on my walls. There's only so many pictures of AJ and I that I can put up before the place starts looking like a shrine to our relationship. Eww right? So I decided if I don't have cool art, I should just make some. In my opinion, anyone can do something abstract and call it art, frame it, and put it on your wall. But for heaven's sake, I'm an artist, you'd think I could put something interesting looking on my wall. So that's what I did.

This is just a start. I think it would be cool to be able to cover the whole wall eventually. The planes one on the left turned out kinda dorky, but I'll replace that some time. The square ones are all representing the different seasons. I made the red one in the middle purely to just have those colors on my wall. And the alphabet one was fun. I saw something like this online that you can buy, so I pulled out my alphabet stencils and did one myself. It's totally off-center but whatever.
If I made it, then I won't feel bad replacing it someday right? I just needed to get something on that wall! Only 15 more walls to go!

And to finish things off, here's a recent picture of a humorous moment of my life. Somehow Grizzly got that hanger around him, and he climbed the stairs like that, banging the hanger against the walls. When I finally found where the noise was coming from I had to get a picture.

His little old man face will be gone soon...he's getting his first hair cut sometime in the near future!

Friday, February 6, 2009

LAST day in NYC

Tuesday was a great day to end my trip in New York City. The Inauguration was taking place that morning, and when you are in a big city, people tend to congregate for big things like that. Plus, people there freaking love Obama.

So we went to Columbia University to watch it. It was very cool seeing crowds of getting together just to witness the Inauguration. It really made it feel like I was witnessing a big piece of history, and I just don't think it would have felt the same watching it on TV at home.

Hey lady, I'm not taking your picture...Hey this building is in Ghostbusters too!

Another angle of the campusThese little kids were SO cute, all bundled up and watching the big screen. They would try to sit down and get yanked back up to keep standing. Haha...they got bored pretty quick.

The oath.
The speech.
I like this picture. Megan took it.
Afterwards we got a seat at a restaurant for lunch (good thing we hurried). They had things on their menu like the Obama burger and the Biden Sandwich and Freedom Fries.

In front of the "Seinfeld" restaurant. This isn't the one where we ate.
Later we went to Chinatown since I hadn't really been there. It was funny because these "whisperers" would walk way close to you ask ask if you wanted purses, watches, etc. Sneaky! I did buy a couple I <3 NY t-shirts...because I HAD to. I'm cheap, and I couldn't think of any other souvenir that would be useful for more than 5 minutes. Then we walked through Little Italy like I had mentioned in the last post, and got some yummy pastries.

By the way, AJ put his NY shirt on right away and it was cute.

The rest of the day we relaxed until it was time to take me to the airport. It was sad leaving...I had a really great time, and I don't think my trip could have been anymore perfect. Well, it could have been a lot warmer! Thanks again for the earmuffs Megan! But it was great and it was so nice being able to hang out with my sister and get to know Daniel better. We never get to see them, and I love being with family once I actually get out and do it. But I missed AJ terribly. And Grizzly. I talked about them non-stop, so I'm sure it was nice for me to go home for M&D too :)

I didn't really sleep on the plane (I got in around 2 am NY time). They had directTV on the plane and I was having a great time watching TV, being without it for the last couple of months. What a dork. I was laughing out loud watching Conan O'Brien and probably annoyed those around me.

We landed and I got to see my boys again. They are the best! And my husband is the hottest of them all.

Day 5 in NYC

Luckily Monday was a holiday, so Megan got to spend the day with me. Sisters! Aww..

Well I hadn't seen the Statue of Liberty yet, so, DUH we had to go. We took the Staton Island ferry because it's free (I heart free stuff). It goes by the Statue of Liberty, but not to the actual island. That one costs a load of dough. It was cold and snowy, but we saw Lady Liberty!

Here is our view from the ferry of Downtown Manhattan. See the ice chunks floating? Cold!

Ellis Island. I'll go there next time.
Me and Lady L
My favorite sister. The SOL (Statue of Liberty, guys) was behind us, but is obviously invisible.
Then we walked to the South Street SeaPort and saw all the super cool colonial buildings and streets. They have that exhibit where you can see real bodies, muscles etc...but we didn't go. Plus Megan said she's heard some sketchy things about where/how they got the bodies. Has anyone seen it?

Here's me in front of a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We went to lunch at this little Italian cafe, and my sandwich was sooo good. Actually, the best thing there was the tiramisu. Probably the best I've ever had, including the tiramisu we go the next day in Little Italy. I'm feeling a craving coming on...

We made it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like the Museum of Natural History, this place was just gigantic. There was no way I was going to see all of it, especially in the 2 hours before Daniel was coming to pick us up.

I saw lots of Renaissance paintings including an exhibit on erotic art during that artists were really really perverted. It was pretty funny. Some pieces, it was like, oh okay, I see it now with the squash shaped like a ____, but then SOME were like HELLO! I won't post any pictures...

Then I saw some Monets and Picassos and Megan was like, let's go it's almost 5 and you haven't seen the Egypt room! So we literally ran and thanks to her genius ran to the farthest back we could get, so that when we got kicked out for closing time, we could still see everything on the way out.

Here's in at the entrance of the room. It's pretty huge. I know I'm not smiling in this one. It's because I'm hardcore.
There's basically a moat around the display of a tomb that was pretty much picked up out of Egypt and placed in the museum. It was sooo cool, the photos can't describe it.
See, there's the tomb.

Someone drew all this thousands of years ago, and I was RIGHT there.

Me and the little SphynxYou can see those statues of gods against the wall.
This is just showing the scale of the height of the room I guess.
And then it was closing time and we had to skidaddle out of there, and just as planned, quickly skimmed the rest of the Egyptian artifacts on the way out.

Here's the entrance to the museum in it's architectural glory.
And lots of people leaving.
We went to Dinosaur Barbecue that night. It was pretty tasty, and I have to admit the western decor reminded me of home. I missed the hickness of Northern Utah.

Here's the crazy poster that hung behind me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What do these two photos have in common?

They happened on the same day! And they are both love stories...awwww cute!

Today A.J. and I have been married for 2 whole years.

And I must have magical cooking skills because neither of us have gained weight yet since we've been married (we talked about it yesterday). Boo yah! Wouldn't that be cool if I could say that 30 years from now? Anyway, we're hot, we're hot for each other, and we've got a hot dog. Ha! Get it?

I'm not really sure what we'll be doing tonight. AJ has skills ("girls only like guys who have skills!") and has a sort-of new job making $2 more an hour doing the same stuff. It's confusing, but he's basically doing the same thing before he starts doing something cooler. I'll explain once I figure out how to, and once he starts doing that cooler thing. But the bottom line is, he's working and making money! Yay! The crappy thing is that he's been working 14+ hour days for the last week with no days off. They've really got to get this one thing done, and I don't think he'll be coming home early just because it's his anniversary. Sad huh!

We're planning on going out to dinner, but it might be at like 9 pm. But I'm feeling pretty special because I'm wearing extra eyeliner (= hot), I shaved my legs (yes!) and I'm gonna curl my hair. I wanted to make this crock pot cake but I'm out of sour cream and I can't go anywhere because AJ has my car today. Yes, we have 5 cars, but he took the only one that runs...he sold his "wasp" a couple days ago (yay money).

Sorry about all the parenthesis. I hope AJ gets home soon!

Sunday, Day 4 in NYC

I don't know who these people are, I just took this photo from their flickr site.
We took a taxi to church. Cooool! Haha.

Megan and Daniel's ward meets in the 4th (I think) floor of the temple! Well, kind of. The temple is on a corner surrounded by tall buildings, Julliard is across the street...anyway, it was weird because in a way it blends in with its surroundings, but once you notice it, you're like, holy cow there's a temple right there, duh! When you go in the front door, there's an elevator on the right to take to church, or you go left to go to the temple. Unfortunately we didn't get to go left while I was there.

It was neat being in their ward. The days before I kept thinking, wow how do people raise families in this city? And then on Sunday, I got to see people who make it happen. It was also cool to see people of so many different nationalities (not much of that in Logan). I also got to meet Jill from Homemade by Jill, a blog I like to read. I met someone famous! Haha... it was neat seeing her new baby and talking to her. After church, I was waiting for Megan and Daniel to get out of their meeting with the bishop, and I saw Collin Willardson, a friend from BYU–I. Crazy! Sometimes the world seems so small.

After church we went to the Shake Shack (what–I was on vacation). That place was SO delicious. If you are ever in NYC and craving In-N-Out, it's pretty comparable. Except their meat tastes like's so tender. The word tender bugs me, but you know what I mean.

Then we went to the Natural History Museum (where the movie Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller was filmed). Apparently if you are a tourist and don't know anything, you get suckered into paying over $40 admission each, but if you read the fine print they will accept a donation instead. So $2 later we were in! Yay for locals.

Pretty sure Daniel had just pinched Megan before I took this.
Waiting in line, the main entrance and some dinosaurs

That place was really cool, and really huge. We only saw a little of it, but that's okay. We saw the ocean room, mostly because I wanted to see the gigantic life-size blue whale. And then we saw the dinosaur room. That was pretty neat, and there was a lady who was the "fossil expert" there, who showed us some prehistoric teeth. She was awesome.

I know it's hard to imagine how truly large this is, but that room was hUGE and the whale was just as long.
This was happening in the tank on the bottom floor. Just kidding guys! It's all fake!

T-Rex wooo
I was getting a picture of this dinosaur skeleton and didn't realize I was catching a tender moment between Megan and Daniel. And that's the fossil lady holding a huge tooth next to them.
We had watched Ghostbusters a couple nights before, and most of the action happens in Sigourney Weaver's apartment building. It's all filmed in NYC, so I kept asking my "tour guides" where the building was. Daniel googled it, and we found it!
I didn't see Gozer up on top though.