Saturday, March 28, 2009

End table

Here's a short post for those who don't want to read the super huge long one I just posted.

Just wanted to update those of you who helped me out with great advice on my end table! The doors are off and holes are filled in with bondo (thanks to hubby). I've sanded the main part of the table, and it now has 2 coats of semi-gloss black on it. I plan to paint over that with red and then sand the edges a little for the black to show through. I've got some brushed nickel handles that should look pretty nice. Just waiting for warm weather so I can paint again!

I'll post pictures when it's done :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Walk to Remember

I was going to save this story just for my PA (Planet Airedale) forum members, but hey, I haven't blogged in almost a week.

Yes, I'm aware at how nerdy it is that I'm a member of a forum for lovers of a certain dog breed.

Last night. was. AWFUL. Grizzly and I went for a walk. We went a new direction to mix things up. We were doing well despite the annoyingly cold weather.

YANK. Walk back 10 feet because something smelled good (to Griz). Sniff a bush. Find a treasure. EWW. It's a dead mouse. Luckily, once I yelled ewwww! he had dropped it already.

Keep walking. Turn the corner onto a street full of "mystery". I get yanked all over the place as Grizzly has to stop and smell everything. Usually this means people leave crap all over their lawns, as in old food, garbage, and cat crap. Nice street.

I get yanked again, and give up and look at this ridiculous house while the dog sniffs another yard. This house was VERY decorated for Easter. I mean you could tell they'd been saving decorations from several decades ago. And why replace old decorations when you can just add them to a monstrous non-matching-but-spring-time collection? Classy.

Well I turn back around and Griz has found yet another treasure. This time, a dead bird. Ewww!
He would not drop this one. Luckily he didn't just chomp down on it and was just holding it. He re-caught it a few times so that he could get a better hold, but that's when I could finally grab his teeth – not the bird – and open his jaws to let the thing fall out. Grossness over. Story not over. Walking on...

We're on the last street before ours. We run into a guy walking his dog, and we let the dogs socialize a bit. They sort of jump around each other while the guy and I try to untangle the leashes. Then I look at Grizzly, and he's sort of squatting like he has to poo, but then he just sits there looking sad. So I go over to him, and realize he has these sticker-pokey-balls all over his legs! No! They're in his beard, too! Then his face gets itchy and he starts rubbing it on the ground. No no no! Time to go home.

I throw Griz in the backyard with me to start pulling out the pokey-balls. These things are tough. They look like fuzz-balls, about the size of a finger-nail, but are really evil and pokey and sticky and break apart when you squeeze too hard so that you can never get the whole thing out. Let me remind you our dog has lots of thick curly hair. The more you try to grab at the pokey-balls the more they get entangled with his hair.

He starts running around the yard all weird, bucking and jumping. Then he does this low waddle thing like he has to poop, but keeps moving around. Finally he takes a full 3 minutes at least, just squatting and trying to push poo out. It was so sad. Finally he got a little, and I cheered. THEN he starts rubbing his butt on the ground. Oh no. It wasn't poop. The pokey-balls. are on. his butt. Up to this point I thought my job would be somewhat easy. I can tell Griz is too embarrassed to let me look at his bum, so I just grab him, put him between my knees, grab his tail and help him out. That's right. I pulled pokey-balls off his pooper. And some...were contaminated. And then I wiped his poopy bum. I am the bravest woman ever because I did it all with my bare hands.

It's not over.

It gets too cold to continue outside, so we go in. I start pulling the pokey-balls off his legs and everywhere else. Grizzly tried to help me. Then the teamwork was over and I had to grab one leg at a time to make sure I got them all out, then brushed each one with a wire brush, which he hates. We're 2 hours into this by now, and he's actually being a trooper, considering he usually doesn't let me brush him for 2 seconds. I noticed he started swallowing the pokey-balls and he'd pull them out, or he'd even pick them off the floor sometimes. Well he's start doing this gag-cough thing, so I'd give him water and he'd be good for a while. Well apparently these things don't go down very easily. Grizzly barfed. Twice. Dog food and everything else. I'm all grossed out and have to clean it up, but I can't let Griz leave the dining room to rub on everything and make more of a mess.

I'd say 3 hours into it now, it's like 9:00 and I am officially having an emergency and ask AJ to order pizza since I'm freaking out and can't make dinner. I go to grab the broom to sweep up the mess. BARF. I wipe up the barf. BARF. Grizzly finds more of the pokey-ball remnants to eat. BARF. I go upstairs to get the vacuum so he won't find any more to eat. BARF.

This dog puked like 8 times. I kid you not. And AJ was trying to ask what pizza toppings I wanted. EWW I couldn't think about it.

Some how we managed to eat our pizza, then AJ helped me out big time and took Grizzly up to the tub to give him a bath, so I could finally sweep and vacuum in peace. Clean floors, check.

It's still not over. Grizzly had approximately 25 pokey-ball things STUCK in his beard. He only has a baby beard now, so that means his little chin had turned into one huge hairy pokey-ball. I got up to the bathroom in time to help out AJ a little. By some miracle we managed to saved his baby beard and pulled the junk out of his chin and the corners of his mouth and the edges of his lips. The whole time he was this sopping wet sad little creature.

And just like that (over 4 hours later) it was over. Grizzly bear was so happy he ran into our room and jumped in our bed. But then we all had a hard time sleeping because he did the gag-cough thing all night. But no more puking, hooray!

Sorry, no pictures, I had my hands full. If you actually made it this far, thanks for your pity, and thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

my girls

Let me just say, my friends (and mom) are the coolest for thinking I could actually make it onto ANTM. Thanks so much for the encouragement! It has provoked a new desire in me to walk the (carpeted hallway) runway in my undies when no one is looking. Ok...I DID show AJ my walk the other night (clothed) and he just sat on the couch and kinda laughed. But seriously, he told me I should go for it. Probably because he knows I won't. So if they do another shorty cycle, I may seriously consider the whole thing, but not this time. Sorry, fans.

Speaking of undies, I have an announcement. I thought my boobs were shrinking, and it was seriously affecting my self-esteem. There was way too much extra room in there if you know what I mean. I was convinced I needed to go bra shopping, and this time, go down a cup size. Sad.

So I tried on a couple different sizes. One was the significant winner. Guess what, guys?! Still the same! No need to down-size. Hooray! I'm so proud. Pretty sure these bras just get stretched out over time. Maybe if I had started wearing bras in junior high like all the other girls, I would have found this out by now.

Wow, if I have any male readers, pretty sure they're gone after this week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Calling all shorties

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

Okay...this is going to be a really dorky post.

I love watching America's Next Top Model. Love that show. Sometimes when no one's looking, I try to do runway walks and "fierce" poses. Sometimes after watching the show I have these super random dreams where I'm ON the show.

I've seriously had these dreams like 10 times. I'll be getting judged on my poses and facial structure and freckles and paleness and other dumb things. Sometimes I get kicked off. And several times I've told the judges, YEAH, I'm short. But it's time for short models in this competition, Tyra (the host). If you're going to have plus-size models, you've got to have some short-size models.

And then I wake up.

So today I'm getting caught up on this cycle (season) and GUESS WHAT. My dreams have come true, you guys. Tyra announced that the next cycle will be for girls who are 5'7" and UNDER! FOR REAL SHE LISTENED TO ME IN MY DREAMS! You guys, I'm SUCH a nerd. My heart started beating all was the weirdest feeling.

That being said, pretty sure if you're going to be short you need to be 90 lbs, have perfect skin, and look good at all angles. I am not those things. And I'm pretty clueless (and don't care much) about what's fashionable these days, but I know I'm not IT. Tyra wouldn't like that. But I do have some killer ankles. Hahaha...

But how cool would it be to be all fierce and short and on the show?! AHHH!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Watch the trailer HERE

I saw this trailer for Up, the new Pixar film. I have to admit this is one that REALLY looks good. I'm not always instantly sold on these films, but after seeing the dog, I'm IN!

I laughed SO hard at that dog. Pahahaha!

Oh, and if you have a dog that goes crazy when the doorbell rings, you might want to watch the trailer when they're out of the room. I had to stop it part-way to show Grizzly there wasn't really anyone outside the front door, to silence his barking.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help me find a swimsuit

It's time. I've had the same suit for like 4 years now, and it's still cute, but still doesn't fit right. Time for a fresh look.

Am I going swimming any time soon? Good question. We're going to California in about a month to visit my parents, so I'd like to be prepared. There's also talk of a Christmas Hawaii trip, so let's just say I'm getting excited...!

First. Body type. Linear. Click on that link, because the information is awesome. I did all the measurements, and I was borderline other types, but pretty much linear. No sign of curves anywhere. Basically I have to wear frilly feminine clothes or I'll look like a boy. I break that rule a lot.

So, I'm wondering what the best suit would be for that. I've read a little about it, but if anyone has some genius advice, let me know.

So far what I'm liking is the idea of a really cute tankini.

I like this one from Shade clothing. The model looks best in the black because of the angle. I hate when I like one angle better than the other. I love the back.

This one is from Modbe. I think it looks really cute on the model, it would follow all my Linear rules, but it seems kind of loose. And that was an issue with my last suit. And their suits all look extra long, which I don't need. AND, any sign of bust support? I know I don't have much, but come on, a little help would be nice.
Speaking of support, I really like the idea of getting a suit from Victoria's Secret. They have lots of options for padding and stuff. And decent prices. I like their halter tankini tops. I like some of their other ones besides this style, but it's hard to tell if the top has the right coverage when it's modeled by a girl exploding out of it. That's why no pictures of those are on my blog.

Oh, if I were a bronze beauty I could pull off yellow like that.

So far I haven't found a pattern I'm completely in love with, so I've been more interested in solid colors. Boring right?

This one from Anthropologie is cute but waaay out of my price range.

The halter looking straps have always looked pretty good with my shoulders and stuff, and I wouldn't mind finding a cute halter top if it were a secure-looking "banded" one.

Anyway, that's what's been on my mind lately. I know I have a while to figure it out, but hey, just thought I'd share my ideas so far.

Or I could get one of these...hehehe

Friday, March 13, 2009

My new babies/friends/plants

As you may have heard (I'm betting you didn't) approx. 2 days after I wrote the post about Spring coming, we had a huge snow storm that left like 2 feet of snow. Now it's down to more like 1 foot. I'm telling you this to explain my absence from blogging.

I was sad.

Okay, actually I just snickered (nose laughed) to myself because I wasn't really THAT sad. It's MARCH and that's what happens! But the sucky thing was that the day before it snowed I went to Home Depot to look at one thing and walked away with $Hmm worth of plants. Mainly indoor plants. I just couldn't take it anymore (no flowers) so I decided to buy some friends. Plus, all my friends are having babies so I needed to join in on the nurturing. This was while AJ was gone, so I just kinda went for it, and I don't think he has still really noticed all of them yet.

I got a spiky guy, an orchid, a flower growing kit for my kitchen window (metal thing with dirt and seeds), an aloe plant and another deserty looking plant for my office, and a bag of flower bulbs. I was going to plant the bulbs that night, but I never got around to it. Then it snowed, so, you know.

Parked in the garage for now

Behold! Life springs forth in my kitchen window!

When AJ got home he noticed the spiky guy in the living room, and Grizzly growled at it. Haha. Now he gets really interested when I water it with my spray bottle, and if he tries to eat one of the leaves I spray him with the bottle. He sort of hates it but I think he loves it too, because then he wants me to do it again, signified by his butt in the air and growling sounds.

That paragraph was about Grizzly, not AJ. Gotta watch my pronouns...

That night AJ saw the orchid I put in our bathroom, and he was like, "what's the deal with all these fake plants?" UM, they're real. Oh yeah guys, they're all real.

So that's it. That's what you've been waiting for over a week to hear about.

I obviously don't know all the correct names for the plants I've purchased. I mean, I can go check their tags but I don't feel like it right now. So if anyone has any name suggestions for my new plants, I'll take em :)


In other news, Grizzly turns 5 months old tomorrow! He weighs a little more than 40 lbs now, is huge, and just got a big-boy collar with a personalized tag! So now he's jingly and I can hear him wherever he goes. No hair-cut yet, but you better bet I'll post pictures when he gets it!

He approves of the new rug, too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Come on Spring, you can do it!

I'm sitting here listening to the many birds chirping outside, and it's sooo nice! Looks like it will be a cloudy day, but the last few days of sunshine have melted almost all the snow in our yard. I have definitely felt that depressed feeling that comes with Winter, and walking in the sunshine has never felt so amazing. Sunlight can really lift your spirits. When I took Griz out for a walk yesterday, I was only wearing a sweatshirt, and I was still too warm! It was great. I cannot wait for Summer, but Spring is going to make me pretty darn happy, too.

Please, snow, stay away. Come again another day. Like next Winter.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Belchlor

warning: includes The Bachelor finale spoilers

I have a new theory (I have a few other ones too). My theory is that no matter how much you love the Bachelor or Bachelorette, you will hate them in the end.

I don't know why I even watch...oh, because they are addicting and mesmerizing, but then they leave you unsatisfied! AHH! So on The Bachelorette like 6 months ago, DeAnna was THE Bachelorette. She was "America's sweetheart" because she was a contestant on the previous season of the Bachelor, made it to the final two, thought she was going to get proposed to, and then to everyone's surprise was dumped right there, being the second dumpee of the night. So everyone loves her and she gets to be the next Bachelorette. Well at first she was cool, then Little Miss Blinks-A-Lot becomes really annoying and cruel. PLUS she dumped Jason Meznick when he was one of her final 2 male contestants (and everyone's favorite pick). DeAnna, you suck.

SURPRISE. America loves Jason, so he's THE next Bachelor. And oh, boy, was I excited, because I just loved him! Well, here is where my theory comes to life. He's an angel the whole time, and then he dumps Jillian. There's not a lot of Jillian lovers out there, but I thought she was the coolest. So then it comes down to the final 2 women, and everyone I KNOW is rooting for Melissa to win, including me, and it was like a fairy tale ending, people. Adorable.

Melissa left, Molly right
After she said "yes" Jason swung her around on top of the New Zealand hillside, where a helicopter happened to swing by to catch the shot. This was Disney material (OH wait...ABC). Okay, I know it's cheesy, but it was the most genuine proposal I've seen on the show.

Well just as I'm drying my tears of happiness, the After the Last Rose episode comes on. This is where the happy couple greets America again, and the dumpee asks "WHY?!" all bitterly.

I don't care if this is never-before-in-Bachelor-history stuff. I want a happy ending, especially for Melissa. So what happens? Jason takes this last moment on TV to make us all hate him.

HE DUMPED HER! HE DUMPED HER ON TV! They've been engaged off-screen, spent the holidays together, and then he waits until he's on TV again to break things off with her. WTF. Oh man, I love how she handled it. Sweet Melissa called him a naughty word (it's okay on ABC?) that starts with a B and ends with Tard. He IS a tard. He decides once the chemistry between he and Melissa (ie. the magic of reality TV) starts to change, that he needs to end things right there and go see what Molly's up to. Molly. Molly! The only thing I liked about her was her freckles. Her intentionally messy ponytail drove me bizerk. So then Molly comes out, and needs to have all these dumpee questions answered, but then Jason shows up and says, JK Molly, let's go get coffee and see where things go. And she's all, um, what about Melis–OKAY let's make out even though you were engaged 5 minutes ago, love you too.

The saddest part of all is that I sort of knew this was all going to happen, but didn't want to believe it. I was sitting with AJ last night, telling him about my plan. I needed a plan because we don't have cable anymore, so I catch up on on Tuesdays after the show airs Monday night. The last finale I went to catch up on was True Beauty, and gave away who won before I could even watch it! The button for the show had the winner's face blown up on it...uh I WONDER who won...So anyway, I was afraid Melissa or Molly's face would be on the Bachelor button and ruin the ending.

I'm telling AJ about my plan to avoid that happening (too many details already so I'll spare you) and he goes and GOOGLES the results while I'm laying there on his sweet little shoulder, acts like he's interested in the show to make sure he has the right season, and pulls up an article about it, and by the time I had realized what he'd done I had already read the headline "The Bachelor Does A Double Whammy". You guys it was horrible! He's awful!

So until I could watch the finale this morning, I had the impression that his "double whammy" would be dumping both girls at the end. NOW imagine how happy I was to watch him actually propose to Melissa! I thought AJ's article was wrong all along.

Nope. Jason, you suck.

So now the question is, will Jillian or Melissa be the next Bachelorette? And if one of them is, will I watch it? All I know, is she will be hated by the end! Baaah!