Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strut Your Mutt

We were in California the last week, and we're back! It was a lot of fun, but I'll post about it later.

This Saturday in SLC at Sugarhouse Park is the Strut Your Mutt. It's a dog walk and festival to raise funds for No More Homeless Pets in Utah. It's gonna be awesome...pretty much because I love dogs. They do the huge walk, and then there's tons of booths and contests and entertainment. There's an owner/dog look-alike contest that sounds pretty awesome.

You register yourself and your dog, and then they give you a fundraising page where friends can make donations to the cause. If I reach certain fundraising goals, then I get free stuff.

So here's my page:

Um, but don't feel pressured to donate. I'm still going to have tons of fun. But if you have a crazy dog-loving friend that may want to donate, you can give them my link.

I'm a nerd and I've met some other Airedale owners on Facebook, so hopefully I'll get to meet a bunch of them there. Airedales are just the coolest dogs, so I want to make some friends down there...PLUS who knows, maybe someone will be our dog-sitting friend if we go out of town.

Anyway, that's what I'm excited about. I'll post pictures of the event for all of you who are SOOO excited too. Haha.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Translation: "Twenty-four". That's how old I turned yesterday!

New developments in this year of my life: I have officially found 2 gray hairs on my head. That's officially 2 more than my older sister has. No fair! I think other than that, I'm biologically the same. Maybe a few more freckles, too, but I stopped counting–oh wait–I've never been able to count them. But thanks for asking, kids in my elementary school years.

It was a good day. A.J. had been gone for 2 weeks in Wyoming, and came back with a cold. I didn't expect him to pull out any huge surprises for me. But when he got home from work he told me we were going to play "hot or cold". Let's just say I was "scorching" a couple times so I got a couple gifts! Yay! AJ bought me (us) a new DVD player and Season 2 of Arrested Development! I looove that show. It's a good one to watch over and over. He hid the DVD player in the dryer and for a split second, I saw the TV photo on the box and thought it was a new TV! DUH Hilary. That wouldn't fit in the dryer.

As we got ready to go to dinner AJ started telling me about all the other things he thought about getting me, telling me how a manicure would have been $60 and temporary, etc. Well luckily he didn't blow any money on something most girls like :) His present was perfect, and I just thought he was SO sweet that he even researched other options. He's cute. I like him.

We went to The Firehouse pizza and pasta place for dinner. That place is good, but I usually leave feeling like I over-did it. They gave us a free Fazookie (sp?) which is basically a giant cookie with ice cream and junk on top. Woof. That definitely pushed me over the edge. The edge, as in the last moment of being able to walk up-right due to the over-stuffing of salt, grease, and sugar.

We had a pretty low-key evening and just enjoyed relaxing.

OH and earlier that day my friend Blaire took me to get ice cream. We went to the Aggie Creamery, and oh my, that stuff IS creamy. It was super yum yum. Thanks Blaire!

AND I had about 80 Facebook notifications in my e-mail inbox. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

In other news, we're going to Turlock next week! YAAAAAAAYYY!!! Oh, and Grizzly is officially 7 months old today. Hehe.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday madness

I did my research. I compared prices. I made a few phone calls. Turns out every single place's Chacos were $95. Now, I knew they'd be expensive, but wow that company really regulates those numbers. had them for a little cheaper, but not my size. WELL since I'm the bargain hunter that I am, I found my little pretties would be on sale tonight at Al's Sporting Goods during their Midnight Madness sale (ahhh! It's madness!). So I waited patiently all week. Well guess what suckas, tonight was the night! It was a little "mad" in there, but I got my sandals and got out. AND ONLY PAID....$57 !!! OH yeah. I'm so proud.

So here's a very unflattering picture of my feet. I think the camera adds my long toes. Haha!

PS-After everything is tightened, the leftover strap is super long. Anyone else have this issue? What should I do?

And here's some special little pictures of Grizzly and Ashlee from when she came to visit us a couple weeks ago. You can see my puppy has grown, and that he likes to stick his feet in your face to say "good morning".
Mornin' Ash!

Another tag

5 Things

5 things I was doing five years ago:

Living with the 'rents while off-track
Working at In-N-Out
About to go back to Rexburg and meet my roomies at La Jolla :)
Writing a missionary (ok several)
Wishing I had a social life

Me and part of my mom 5 years ago, in our backyard. Probably the only picture I have of those bangs looking somewhat normal.

5 things on my to do list today:

Get dressed
Get a big chunk of work done
Walk Grizzly
Clean before AJ gets home tomorrow :)
Get my first pair of Chacos at the midnight sale!

What would I do with a million dollars?

Buy a big house with lots of land
Buy AJ his dream car
Pay off debt
Invest something
Save in non-existent-kids' college funds

5 places I have lived:

St. George

5 Jobs I have had:

Track coach
Graphic designer
ok just 4 I guess

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 years:

Raising chillens
Looking hot
Cooking with more skill and wisdom...haha
Designing...with more skill and wisdom
Defying "the 7-year itch"

5 people I tag:

Ashlee M.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Picture tag

Monica tagged me :)
1. go to your sixth folder

2. go to your sixth picture

3. blog about it

4. tag 6 people

Well, I had the 2007, 2008, and 2009 folders to choose from. 2007 was a wedding photo where it looked like I was sniffing AJ's upper lip before we kissed. 2009 was one of my plant photos. Not only is it boring, I already blogged about it :)

So this photo is from 2008. It's AJ's 64 1/2 Mustang. He had just bought it and brought it home on this trailer that night.

To date, AJ has all the parts he needs, and I think the next step is to paint it. It feels like he's SO close! But AJ works really hard and doesn't have a lot of extra time, and he's got other projects he wants to finish first. But when it's done, I'll post a picture of us cruising in his shiny car!

*sigh* I miss my hubby. One more week!

I tag Ashlee F., Bernie, Ane, Summer, Stephanie D., Meagan