Monday, June 29, 2009

Sensibly Styled

So this is me trying to shop for a modest dress:

Hmm I should probably check a specifically modest clothing site and see what they have. What's the place called again?

K finally remembered the website. Darn. Only 3 dresses and not my style.

I guess there's this other site...oh come on, I still actually want to look GOOD.

Let's just see what macy's has. 78 pages of dresses? Finally page 76 has a dress with sleeves but it's shoooort.

Sometimes it sucks trying to find something modest AND cute, and even though I have the advantage of living in Utah where some dresses have sleeves, I don't have the time to go to different stores. SO my friend Natalie is a genius. She created a site where she finds modest AND cute clothes for you, and then posts about them, including price, length, a link to purchase it, etc., plus people can leave comments so you know if an item is really worth it. It's called She has the best taste. In fact, when I visit her in a month, she's going to give me a much needed hair-makeover. Yep, haven't cut my hair in like...a YEAR. Sad.

Anyway, I highly advise you to check it out. It's new, so tell your friends. And there's already tons of stuff on there...Natalie is obviously working hard (so I don't have to). Genius I tell you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Running progress

So basically I've been putting off writing this post, because I had ONE picture to upload. So here it is!
(if you look real close you can see Griz's high-five paw print on my leg and a medal in my left hand)

I know I win points for modesty, but seriously, it was just cold. Hehe.

I did my 10k on June 13th up in Bear Lake. They also had a marathon and half-marathon, so I was doing the "little" race. The race was 6 miles–longer than any other race I've done. And boy, was it long. It kinda sucks knowing my next races will only get longer and longer. But the good news is, I'm making progress! I felt pretty strong the whole race, but unfortunately, I can't seem to get rid of this side-stitch pain. I end up just having to run through it, and it makes the distance seem a lot longer. If anyone has any advice, I'd loooovve to hear it. I talked to a girl today that said she had the same problem, went to her doctor, and he told her she has asthma. I've never had any issues with breathing before, so I dunno about that. Could living at a higher elevation give it to me? Anyway, the last 2 miles of the race were actually my fastest. I placed 3rd in my age group which was pretty sweet. My time was 57:37 for anyone who cares. It was a beautiful run, and pretty much sprinkled on us the whole time, but that's WAY better than running in the hot sun. A.J. and Grizzly were waiting for me at the finish line...thanks guys :)

My next run is a 15k (9.3 miles) on the 4th of July up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. The farthest I've ran so far is 7.75 miles, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful that yes, I will finish that race. Basically I have 3 things to worry about: 1) My knees/hips breaking 2) Side aches 3) Pooping my pants. People, there is something about an impending race that makes your body try to get rid of everything in your system. The key is making sure is happens BEFORE you run. It stresses me out! Haha.

In Grizzly news, he just turned 8 months and is 60 lbs. Yeah, you heard me right. And he's recently eaten 3 pairs of my sunglasses, my shin guards, and several bars of soap. He's awesome.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I should buy A.J. a new sweatshirt after this...

A.J. is gone (again–rude) in Alaska this week. He was originally going to help with some job and fish on the side, and it turns out, now it's just fishing! And guess what, he doesn't have to pay for the trip :) So he's in his dream place deep-sea fishing right now.

He texted me this morning: "I decided I'm staying here 4ever". Haha. Well that was BEFORE he even caught a fish, so when he sent me this text later: "I just caught the biggest salmon so far this year!" I may have to start worrying. I'm hoping he really will come home to me eventually! He's having way too much fun.

Here it is, put your hands together!

What a man what a man what a man what mighty fishy man...

So yeah, I'd say that's a large improvement since the last fishing photo he sent me:

Who wants to let us borrow your freezer???

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strut Your Mutt contd.

Thanks sooo much for your generous donations! It definitely went to a great cause.

We had a blast this last Saturday. We drove down to Salt Lake to Sugarhouse Park and met with our friend Belle and her handsome Airedale Rudy at Strut Your Mutt.

Here's me with Rudy (left) and Grizzly.
I was really looking forward to meeting other Airedale owners and their dogs. After asking around, I probably only met 4 out of 7 or so...but that's okay, we had fun! The main event is a 1.5 mile walk around the park...there were SOOO many dogs! We saw lots of "mini Airedales", Lakelands, Wire hair Fox Terriers, and Welsh Terriers. Then there's an area with lots of booths (doggy acupuncture, dog bakeries, doggy outfits, etc.) and entertainment by people and dogs. We missed most of the entertainment, but we did see the big pool with a ramp for dogs to jump into.

Half-way through our walk we met Nicole (Airedale rescue in Utah) with her HUGE boy Triton (blue collar), and another lady fostering a 'dale, forget their names...Grizzly and Triton were wrestling like they were best friends. Griz looked so tiny compared to him–usually people are telling us how big Griz is!

This last pic is of Griz sneaking behind the table of a booth. Probably just wanted to be in the shade. I had to take a picture–it looks like he's handing out free samples :)
Here's some video coverage of the event. Griz didn't like the "communal" water either :)

California Trip

A.J., Ashlee (his sis), Grizzly the bear and I drove the 13 hrs to my parents' house is California. In TURRRlock :) Griz was actually really good in the truck, and thanks to AJ's friend's Sirius radio, the ride wasn't too bad.
Our first day there, we went to Alcatraz. My parents and AJ had never been, so it was pretty fun to get to go together. I'd forgotten a lot since I'd been there in the 4th grade. Then we went to Bubba Gump's for lunch and pigged out :) On the way home we picked up AJ's new motorcycle (Yes, I know, I'm the greatest wife ever). He bought it a couple months ago and had been really excited to pick it up, and he rode it back to Turlock. I'll post pics of it when I take some!
paper mache head made by one of the 3 prisoners who escaped

outside on the island
my dad checkin out a cell :)
The next day my dad and I ran a 5k together! We should have taken pictures. We both started off too fast (sorry Dad) but we finished it! And that's what matters. The cool thing was that I ran about a minute faster than my previous 5k, and I actually placed 2nd in my age group! I got a medal and everything–it was sweeeet. My dad finished a few minutes behind me, so I got to cheer him on :) Also, we got to see my old cros country coach JoAnna and her husband there. That was awesome! She's the one I told you about when I started crying at my friends wedding. Haha! Can't wait to see her again at my friend Heather's wedding this summer!

That afternoon we went to Moaning Caverns. Again, I didn't take pictures...lame. But I was feeling a little freaked out about the heights anyway so I probably would have dropped the camera. The cave is huge, and it's actually vertical (straight down) although from the outside it looks like you could walk into it, horizontally. When they were excavating it, they found a huuuge pile of remains. As in, bones from people who fell into it. Ew. AJ and my Dad rode their motorcycles up there, and it was a beautiful day.

Sunday was our chill day. We went swimming, but not for long because we're all wimps. ALL of us! Monday we (with my bro and his gf) met up with Jared and Jenni in the San Jose area, and we went to Half Moon Bay. I don't know why I'm always 10 degrees off when I plan for that weather. It was chilly. But we had lots of fun, especially watching Griz and Dinky at the beach.

Jeff and Griz. They look like brothers, don't you think?

Dinky almost got swept into the ocean!

Tuesday we drove back. It was a pretty short trip, but it was great!