Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Cards

Well, I decided to illustrate our cards this year, thanks to all the votes! I've just ordered them, so I'm hoping to mail them out before we go to Hawaii in 10 DAYS!!! Anyhoo, please e-mail me at to send me you address if you'd like one. Yay!

Here's a sneak peek: Haha.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Card

In the usual American retail fashion, I'm moving straight from Halloween to Christmas. For a minute. This year I'd like to design our Christmas cards and send them out. But I'm stuck...and I need your help! Should our cards include a photo of us, or an illustration of us (by me of course)?? See, a photo would be quick and easy, and you could actually see what we look like. And how big our Christmas puppy is compared to us (what–did you actually think Griz wouldn't be in the family picture?). But then an illustration could be pretty cute. And I could "dress" AJ up as an elf. Haha...just kidding. Or am I?

So please vote. Maybe just with a comment because I don't feel like making an actual poll for the blog right now. And I'll need everyone's addresses, but I'll just wait and announce that later because I'm afraid I'll lose it before December!

Halloween Pictures

Here's AJ and I at our friend Blaire's party (she's the one in the second picture that I totally beat in the doughnut contest :)

Thanks for the pictures Blaire!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I loved Halloween. If I can gather the costume photos I will post them later. I was a silly witch with a tutu, high tops, and green face, and AJ was THIS guy. I had some fun decorations which I may have to post pics of too. But it's late.

I got called at the primary chorister (I teach kids songs at church). It's a big job and I get stressed out every Sunday. Today was a good day though, surprisingly, because I had 40 minutes to fill instead of 20. Twice. We have our program coming up, so it's been a challenge to just figure out what songs they know. I'm also on the enrichment committee too which is right up my alley (versus singing in front of kids). AJ has been called as scout master which I think he'll rock at once he gets a chance to be there, work permitting.

For the last 3 weeks AJ has been working in Rock Springs, only coming home for a day or 2 on the weekends. We miss him. A lot.

Something's wrong with me. All evening the room spins every time I move. Vertigo? It's weird.

My highlights are totally growing out now and I think I'll dye my hair dark auburn tomorrow to cover it up, instead of paying a professional to do a great job fixing them. $3 is cheaper than $60.

I was only home last night long enough for 2 trick-or-treaters. Anyone want some candy?

I made Griz the coolest dog bed ever (kinda old news). It's 46 x 36 inches which is just right for him = huge. He slept on our bed last night.

It snowed a week ago. And stuck. And I was a little sad instead of excited. But the real problem is all the leaves covering my lawn. Not only do I have to rake those up, but I have to find the dog poo to pick up underneath too.

I almost won 2 doughnut-on-a-string eating competitions yesterday. I'm pretty much awesome.

It's officially my dad's birthday now. Happy birthday Dad!!!