Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've been putting off blogging about Hawaii. It was just so awesome, I don't even know how to describe it in a blog post that I don't have time to write. Plus, lots of photos–where do I begin? Well my sister's husband, Daniel, made a slideshow of all our photos. Hooray! So I'm stealing it for this post. Thanks, Daniel! Haha. There's lots of pics of him and Megan, but just ignore those, because this blog is about US! Haha, j/k.

For those who can't tell by the pictures, we went with my parents, my sister and her husband, my brother, and A.J. We spent our first two days in Honolulu in an amazing suite on Waikiki beach. The hotel lady thought it was my parents' anniversary so she upgraded our room to a $$$ one. We had a great view. We visited Pearl Harbor one day, and another day we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was super cool, and one stop I'm really glad we made (stop? it was like 6 hrs!) It was so beautiful there, but if I did it all over again I'd skip Oahu and go straight to Kauai! That's where the magic REALLY happened. Hehe. But seriously. It was incredible.

We stayed in Poipu at a gooorrrrgeous resort. I'll probably never stay in that nice of a place again. It's on the Southern tip of the island. From the beach there we could watch the sun both rise and set. We watched sea turtles in the coves there and Humpback whales off the shore. We saw one jump all the way out of the water! How do they do that?! Our timing was perfect because it was the beginning of whale season there. The temperature was around 70-80 degrees every day. We just missed the Christmas rush of visitors. It was Christmas time, so we heard "Mele Kalikimaka" everywhere, and got to see the weird ways Hawaiians try to decorate for the holidays. There's this cool tropical tree there that's shaped like a Christmas tree, but it's not even's cool.

We went all over the island of Kauai and did lots of outdoor things like hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming (aka drowning in the waves) and driving through some beautiful scenery. I've never been to a more beautiful place. I've never wanted to move anywhere more impulsively. It's like a dream world. From the moment we landed in Hawaii I was sad we'd have to go home in 10 days (yeah, not a good attitude).

When we got back to cold, dry, icy, gray, dark Utah, I was pretty much mourning for a few days. I'm better now :) But it definitely took a while to get back to reality. I could write forever about how awesome Hawaii was, but I gave myself a time limit, and now I'm done! Do I want to go back? Yes. But I'm glad I'm home now so people will stop hating on us for taking ONE vacation. Geez.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our newest family photo!

AJ's sister Ashlee took our picture on Thanksgiving at their parents' gorgeous home (I can't pretend that front porch is ours). We only got a few shots (the sun was setting!) and Grizzly was actually looking at the camera in most of them. Score! Thanks Ashlee! I think I need to frame this one.

And in case you didn't get a Christmas card, here it is! It's pretty much a combination of this last Christmas and the Christmas the year before: a big dog and a big tree :)