Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sick of snow

Come on, Utah. Ever notice that while it's snowing today, NO one's out building snow men? No one throws on coats and gloves and heads out to play. No. We are annoyed, because it is now officially Spring, and Winter is OVER!

It puts me in a bad mood when my "plans" get messed up. My plan was to get going with the new planter box we bought. I've been in the mood to learn all about growing stuff, and to start planting my vegetable seeds. (I'm convinced that's the only way to ensure I'll cook with that food group). It's time for sun and warmth and for my tulips and grass to grow again. I mean, Grizzly just got a hair cut for crying out loud! Utahns: Is it like this EVERY year? It's totally unfair. It snowed ALL day today. And it was the kind that shot at you sideways. Thank goodness I had my umbrella to hold at a 30 degree angle so I could protect my face from the wrath of the whipping snow flakes.

The other crappy thing about crappy weather? Crappy internet connection! For some reason (please comment and enlighten me, nerds) whenever the weather is bad, our internet doesn't want to work. I don't mind the effect it has on my Farmville activity so much, but we don't have cable (it's been over a year now) and I'm TRYING to get caught up on The Office! It kind of kills the punchline when the video is cutting in and out. Example: Tha...tswhatshe...eee...said.

Ranting aside, call up Tyra, because in other news: A photographer wants to shoot me. That's a good thing right? Ha! Shoot...get it?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Eclipse trailer sucked. Big time. I'm not posting the link. I'd like to think that's a pre-teaser trailer and not the real thing because there is nothing exciting about it at all. Boo.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Funny video of the week

I just finished drying my eyes after watching this, I laughed so hard. There are some other videos like it, but we decided this Airedale is just too perfect.

This post doesn't count as me writing about my dog, although it does remind me that he needs a haircut.