Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed In

A.J. took Grizzly out for some "bonding time" today. Man to man. He doesn't want him to turn into a momma's boy from being with me all day.

He took him to his work ( but he's not working today) to show him to a friend that brings his dog, Oakie, into work, to let Grizzly play with him. Did that make sense? Anyway, Oakie is a blue Heeler, so not too much taller than Grizzly, but he's around 40 pounds and built like a tank apparently. Grizzly is 14.5 pounds at 9 weeks by the way, I weighed him yesterday. So, the two dogs start play fighting and it turns out our little guy was pretty tough! AJ told me Grizzly pushed Oakie over with his huge bear paws and got on top of him, then "showed dominance". Ha! What a proud moment for AJ. Oakie jumped in the truck after Grizzly got lifted onto the seat...guess he hadn't had enough of him. Griz is completely pooped. They've been home for an hour and he's still asleep.

We were all looking forward to the boy bonding today, but this winter storm is getting in the way. I was gonna finish some Christmas shopping and get things done I can't normally do with a new puppy at home. I'd rather not test out the roads right now. And the boys were going to have their adventures, too.

This is a few hours ago, now the branches are all super weighed-down with snow.

So now I'm stuck inside. My sister tells me her coworkers are obsessed with puppies right now, so here come some more pictures and videos!

He's chewing on a seed-pod thing. Cute face...

He's sleeping right here. This is not mid-fall, this was comfortable for him for a while.

These are of his new toy he found outside. Is it a pine needle branch or a flying porcupine?

My camera is weird and won't take more than an 8-second video, sorry guys.

There's a few things I wish I had videos of. One, is he's discovered the Christmas tree and the ball ornaments and especially the string of lights plugged into the wall. He does the funniest thing...he'll run around the tree when he thinks I'm not looking, try to bite some balls and then he'll steal a light bulb out of the cord. And he KNOWS he's not supposed to be back there. I'll yell at him, and he'll come jumping and running to me with the silliest look on his face.

Another thing, is our neighbors have this short snowman in their yard with sticks for hair, and arms of course. Well guess who thinks it's hilarious to steal stick arms and hair off the snowman? It's hilarious. But he got caught by them, so I probably shouldn't get caught filming it.

Oh, and he also learned how to come down the stairs by himself! This is huge for him. He's been really scared of going down even little steps, and AJ taught him how to come down the stairs. Grizzly gets all anxious and growls and barks and fidgets the whole time, but it's the cutest thing. He's growing up!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's a BOY!

Disclaimer: If dog-lover stuff annoys you, you probably won't like this post.

Please welcome our little bundle of joy. This is Grizzly Adams...Frisby...We called him Griz. Griz is the newest Friz!

When we saw him we just thought he looked like a little bear cub. Look how huge his paws are! So instead of calling him Bear, like we've heard a lot before, we decided he's a lil' grizzly bear!

I guess I can't fool anyone. I thought more people would think I was preggers from the past post, but you know better don't you :)

Our first family picture. Ignore my hair.

Having a father-son moment

Grizzly's an Airedale. I'm aware that most people don't know what that looks like. They get big. And this one doesn't really look that big, but it's a cute shot. See how their coloring changes?

But for now he's a cute little puppy! Yay! We were going to pick up Griz today, but things worked out that we could go yesterday. I'm really glad we did, because although it was horribly rainy, road conditions would have been far worse today. We had a huuuuuge snow storm. And um, we had to drive over 4 hours to get him. He was waiting for us in Caldwell, Idaho. Just past Boise. I'd never been to Boise. It was exciting...actually not really because we just stopped at a gas station there.

So anyway, here's some pictures of our little guy playing in the snow. It was aDORable. He was probably wondering why last night it was hard on the ground, and today it was fluffy. He would get excited and jump (because the snow was deep) towards me.

Love that ear!
All tuckered out. We found out last night that he snores sometimes. But the funniest thing is that anytime you touch him while he's sleeping, he'll let out this really annoyed groan, like, "will you STOP I'm trying to get some shut-eye here!" Or he'll get groany and whimpery trying to find a more comfy position. Which is always an odd one, because he's a puppy(!)

There may be a no-dogs-on-the-sofa rule, but we haven't gotten him a bed or toys yet, and...well let's be honest, I've just been letting him do whatever he wants today.

He's a very good dog though. Even after just one night and half a day, he's learned that going outside means going potty. He had half an accident inside...but he's getting really good. And he pooped twice today in the snow! Yay!

I was gonna use this for the "it's a boy" picture. Because I'm really immature.

Ready to see the cutest thing of your entire life? Here's Grizzly playing in snow for the first time!

He's got that separation anxiety going on. There were lots of dogs where he was, and now he's just got me. So he's been following me everywhere. He was super cuddly in the car last night. When I showered this morning he cried the whole time, poor little guy. (sounds familiar, huh Andrea?)

Grizzly's really curious about everything. Watching me scroll up and down on a webpage makes him try to grab it. He got kinda anxious when he watched his own video, like maybe he had a friend behind the computer somewhere. He's watched TV a little bit. New sounds, especially loud ones really scare him. He's nervous for now, but I have a feeling he'll get pretty bold soon.

Well that's our little guy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Wow, I don't know what people did without TV or internet back in the day. We were pretty bored for the last week! The internet guy that came yesterday (YAY!) told me people just had lots of kids back then to stay occupied. Hilarious.

Well, we are officially moved in! It took us about 2.75 days to get all of our stuff across the street. I'll admit I still don't have everything put away. I don't know what to do with all this open space so if you have lots or picture frames, tables, or an extra bed, just let me know.

Last Saturday was super fun. I'd been bugging AJ about a Christmas tree. "Wanna cut one down? Or are you gonna make me one still?" Well Kevin (AJ's manager guy/buddy) invited us to cut down a tree with him and his family. I guess you can't cut down a Christmas tree in Utah, unless it's from one of those wimpy tree farms. Just kidding guys, don't get offended, I totally would have gone to a tree farm if I didn't find out you could go to a forest. IN IDAHO. Whoa we went all the way to Idaho! It was like 30 minutes away! Anyway, Kevin knew of a cool spot so we pulled over and went tree huntin' (with a permit of course).

You'd be surprised how hard it can be to find a Christmas tree in a forest. It was tempting to cut just the top off of a huge tree, since the tops were pretty awesome looking. It was also tough to find a decent one that would fit in our living room. Well after trudging around in the snow for a while, we came to this spot where there was a beam of sunlight shining on the top of just one tree. I said to AJ "wouldn't it be funny if that celestial-glory-looking tree were the ONE?" So he went and checked it out. It was our tree! It was symmetrical, not too full, not too wimpy...and the heavens were like "aaAAAAhhhhHHH!!!"

Then we got pizza and Kevin's 12 year old son pouted unless he could sit by me. Later, AJ told me Kevin's wife stopped by the shop and said their son thought I was just gorgeous. Hahaha!!! I've still got it!

Anyhoo. When we got home we decided we better measure the living room ceiling to make sure our tree would fit. Then we measured the tree. Yeah, it was huge. I think we highly underestimated the height when we were in the mountains. WELL good thing our huge dining room has a huge ceiling! And good thing we don't have anything else to put in there! We had to go buy an 8 ft. ladder so we could decorate the tree. Does that give you an idea of it's height? Okay okay, here's the pictures:

See? It's as high as the balcony thing.

AJ told me that "girls don't know how to climb up ladders" so here he is, being all manly. (if you know AJ you know not to take that remark seriously)

And I did THE REST. With the huge ladder. In your face.

I was afraid I wouldn't have enough ornaments, but between the hand-me-downs my mom mailed up to me, and the retro ornaments (they came in boxes that had 1960-something on them) from my great-grandma's house, I think I did pretty well. Oh yeah, and I bought a box of glass craft ornaments and decorated them myself. Saved a couple bucks, and they are definitely originals...

The one in front is one of the retro ones (so is the red one) and the circle-y one I made.

I couldn't find an angel or star that I really loved, so I figured that's one thing I can save for another year. Maybe AJ will make me a nice metal star.

In other news, we may be adding to our little family soon. I'll update everyone in a couple days :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New place

I'm taking a break from moving to post some pictures of the place. It feels huge! And my favorite part is all the sunlight coming in. Our current place is so dark. When I got to the stairs, I thought someone left the lights on! Haha.

I couldn't get a good picture of the front since there's trees, so just imagine this, plus a 2-car garage to the left. Isn't the yellow way cuter than the dingy blue?

Standing in the living room, that sliding glass door is in the dining room.

Here's the garage. And that's like half of the door. And there's a window!

Upstairs hallway. Huge! Behind me is the balcony-thing

Balcony-thing. That wall paper is above the kitchen.

View from the balcony-thing.

K, here's an idea of how close we are to the old place. Or new place. Whatever. This view is from an upstairs bedroom. We were in the blue town home with our silver Honda in the driveway. Garbage day was 3 days ago by the way :)
The upstairs bathroom. You can't tell, but it's a lot bigger than the old place. And a window!

Me doing a celebratory high-kick because look: 2 separate closets, and our own door to the bathroom!

The kitchen. Eh. At least there's a window!

Awesome wallpaper border in the SECOND bathroom! Yay now guests don't have to go upstairs!

View from the back.
This is only part of the backyard. Like the view of our church? Behind me is more grass to the fence.

I didn't get any pictures of the rooms...I mean, you can guess what they look like. The living room has a nice big window though.

Well, I guess I'll get back to moving. By myself. I guess I didn't give the ward enough notice ;) J/K guys! Don't pity me, I'm not doing anything big. Yet.

For the record, my clothes took about 4 trips to take over. AJ's was 1. But what's really going to suck is when he has to move all his garage stuff.

I'm so hardcore.

We're moving!

I literally (literally) found out that we're moving about 10 minutes ago.

Across the street.

There's some town homes across the street from us that are bigger (3 bedroom), cuter, have 2-car garages, and have their own yards. We've considered moving there because we wanted a puppy, and wanted the garage space, too. And yes, it costs a little more. But our landlord came by today and proposed a deal: If we move out of here asap so he can rent our place to a family who needs the lower rent, then he'll give us this other place with a discount on the rent, and we won't have to sign a lease.

So we're doing it!

Crazy, I know. But I'm sort of used to impulsive decisions in our life. Except for the whole getting preggers decision, sorry everyone (everyone who cares).

If you wanna come by this weekend for the Logan weather and nightlife, you can help us carry our furniture across the street too! Cool huh? But seriously, you don't have to.


I know you've all been waiting to hear about the great mustache event that took place over Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the picture, Jenni. It's now my 'puter's desktop background!

Click here for the Tale of Three Molestaches

In case anyone's wondering, my man is the super hot one on the right.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Riddance

I'm cheap.

I do things like put water in shampoo bottles to get every last bit, or I save twisty ties to use on other tie-less things, or sometimes I use half a kleenex, rip off the used part, and keep the clean part. Lately I've bought lunch meat that comes in little Gladware containers so I can reuse them!

I usually don't mind doing these little things, but once in a while I suffer because of my cheapness. For example:

This toothpaste tastes pretty gross. It's the orange kind. Orange flavored? No, I don't think so. Well, maybe it could be–I usually dislike orange+otherflavor combinations. But if it were orange flavored, wouldn't it say on the tube? It's just a mysterious gross flavor.

This is something AJ "brought into our marriage". In fact, he had TWO very large tubes of this type of toothpaste. And look how nice and shiny and expensive it looks. So even after I realized it tastes like you-know-what, I still couldn't just trash them. Right? Right guys?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...I had to use up this toothpaste all on my own. AJ's dentist recommends he gets the sensitive kind. He's sensitive, guys. (sometimes sensitive toothpaste comes in a pink tube! *snicker*)

So here I am, TWO years later. After the suffering and the squeezing and the hurts-my-hand-to-get-it-off lid and the frothy orange spit and the after-taste, IT'S FINALLY GONE!!!

Let's celebrate.

I bought myself some Colgate Total. With a $1.50 off coupon of course! Score!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This week

I'd like to apologize to my loyal readers for the lack of posts lately. (Shout out: Ane's friend that I saw at Twilight – sorry, I forgot your name)

Yeah, I finally saw Twilight. To sum it up, it was great. It was horrible. It was awesome. It was embarrassing. It was funny. I really hope the next one is better.

Well, this was my last week:

Ended my 3-week stay in Rexburg, drove my mom to the Salt Lake airport and she flew home to California. Then I drove home! Then I looked in the fridge to see if AJ had left the Thai curry in the fridge that I had asked him to throw out (3 weeks ago).

He hadn't. Ew.

I don't want to husband-bash, because I am unbelievably in love with him and very lucky to find such an awesome guy. But can I just say...HE NEEDS ME...BAD. He either didn't want to, or didn't know how to cook himself dinner the whole time I was gone. "We don't have any food." Most the food in the fridge was bad when I got home. There were Halloween candy wrappers all over under "his" chair. The shower was pretty pretty gross.

So I cleaned.

He did run the dishwasher and do a couple loads of laundry, so I do appreciate that. I just needed to tell someone, and since this is like my personal journal, and not that many people read it, and you guys ARE my E-BFF's, (catch the Seriously So Blessed joke?), I thought I'd share the story.

On Tuesday AJ and I drove down to Kaysville and got to have dinner with my grandparents (dad's side) and hang out for a while. They are really fun, and we got homemade jam to take home!

Wednesday we drove BACK to Sexy Rexy for Thanksgiving. We stayed until Saturday and had a really good time with all the Frisby Fam. The whole fam damily. We had the Wii set up with a projector, we went to the ice caves (if you want to see a hideous slash hawt picture of me click here – thanks Bernie!), we had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner (thanks Debbie), we went bowling, and I had the wonderful privilege of sleeping with 2 dogs every night, and AJ of course.

I'd like to talk about the mustache thing next, but wouldn't it be better with pictures? I'll wait until I get one from Jenni. There were lots of mustaches this week.

It was a really fun week. And I feel like it's finally okay to start decorating for Christmas. The pre-Thanksgiving pressure was ridiculous.

In other news, my unemployment money just ran out, I need to go grocery shopping, I drove "The Wasp" today, and there's still no snow here. The no snow thing is okay though, because we can still do this:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sexy Rexy

I feel like I have nothing interesting to report, but I haven't posted in like 2 weeks.

Basically, I've been in Rexburg. My mom's having major back issues, and her favorite chiropractor/miracle worker is in St. Anthony, Idaho. She flew in to SLC from California. I picked her up, she stayed at our place one night, then we headed off to Rexburg. AJ's parents have been great and have been letting her (and I) stay at their place this whole time. She was only going to stay one week, but things just weren't improved enough for her to head back home. Her job is really physical, and she didn't want to waste the trip. So I'm in Rexburg for the second week of what will probably be 4. My mom's parents are in Wyoming (2 hours from here) so she figured she might as well stay through Thanksgiving, and since I was going to be here for Thanksgiving anyway, I'm staying here too.

A.J.'s at home (he's got a job and I don't!) and I miss him a lot. I surprisingly miss making him dinner too, mostly because I know he hasn't figured out how to make himself a decent dinner yet. I feel bad he doesn't get to come home, from working extra-long days, to a nice warm meal. Cereal and pizza just isn't the same. Luckily after a little drama he came up this last weekend. It was so great! Whatever he spent on was totally worth it. I think we forget how much we need eachother sometimes. He was really sweet and took me out last night. Out on the town! Haha. My mom has been at her parents' this weekend so it was good timing, plus, I got some work done, finally after being pretty busy all week.

By the way, I got my first full-body massage last week! I never do spa-type things for myself, and I had a 2-year old gift card, so my mom and I decided to go take care of it. (btw Natalie, Ashley from Sage says hi) It was pretty cool. I was scared about being nekkid...what a wimp. It was totally fine, so I dunno what I was worried about. The girl told me I need lots of work on my shoulders, and that I should have my husband help with that if I don't go see a professional. I think I need to buy some nice massage oil or something. I'll make him heal me :)

I think I'll stop here.

Desperate Housewives is awesome this season!!!

K, now I'm done.

Jack says hi! lolz.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. Sweeeeet!

I asked my dad what he wanted for his birthday, and he said, "Take your husband out for a burger or some spudnuts to celebrate my big day." Then I had to ask what spudnuts are.

That's just the kind of guy my dad is. You ask what he wants (it's hard to shop for dads!), and it's something for me. I hand him the money I get from selling my textbooks back (that he paid for) and he tells me to keep it. He pays for my wedding and then still buys us a gift (Groundhog Day/What About Bob set!). He gives his motorcycle to AJ to have him fix it, then tells him to keep it. Yeah.

Maybe some of your millionaire daddys do the same thing, but mine does it without the cash and twice the heart. It's incredible.

So Dad, I hope you have a great day today. I may still buy you something, but don't get your hopes up, because you told me a blog post or handmade card would do this year. Megan told me I could make you a necklace... And don't forget, you got to sleep in an extra hour on a Sunday! Happy Birthday! Wow, are you 40 already? ;)

I really wanted to post a cute pic of my dad on here, but he's usually the one behind the camera, plus, they're mostly at their house. The ones I had I used up in my Father's Day post. Okay, I had one more, but it was embarrassing. But here's a nice one of all of our parents...

psst! Hey Dad, I just realized where I got my love for dressing up, mentioned in my Halloween post. From you! It's genetic! Santa! Robin! Third Eye man! Road Kill! make up! wigs! haha. Now that would have been some great pictures to post.

edited later: Jeff sent me this pic, and I had to add it to the birthday post!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

People, I love Halloween. I must have asked AJ about 20 times the last few days what we were going to do Halloween night. I was mostly just excited to dress up!

At one point there was a possibility that we'd go to the Howl at USU with a friend of his, but that didn't work out. Turns out the kid was unaware that you even had to buy tickets, and after I told AJ how much tickets would be, I think the plan fizzled away. It's probably a good thing though, because I hear the Howl is a total skank-fest. Like, if you are a girl that only wants to wear saran wrap, you'd fit in perfectly.

Oh, and I am quite aware that for most females out there Halloween is the one night a year you can dress like a skank-a-tron. But that is SO LAME. I think in Mean Girls it was said perfectly. Here's one of my favorite clips (sorry it was the best I found)

So, I had no plans, and no real reason to dress up, but I just couldn't resist myself. AJ went and saw a movie with a friend, while I was very content all by myself trying to figure out a costume. What I came up with is probably the girliest thing I've ever been, next to this:

(I'm on the far left. Refer to that Mean Girls video to guess what some boys' reactions were.)

I turned out to be some kind of spider lady. I decided if I'm ever alone and bored, all I need to do is start painting all over my face and I'll be happy. So, AJ thought it was hot (a first for my costumes), and I got TWO compliments from all the people that came by last night. Oh yeah.

I also finished my super-ghetto Halloween craft project. I wanted to line our sidewalk (so kids knew where we were) with these pumpkin dudes on sticks, but a big styrofoam ball was out of my cheap price range, so I decided to create my own. It got weird. What you're looking at is plastic grocery bags bunches together and glued to a smaller cheaper styrofoam ball, all covered in newspaper. Then I painted it orange and put faces on. A couple turned out okay, and the last one was pretty ugly. And to think I was going to make 5!

Ignore the garbage cans

I guess I wasn't entirely alone last night...I had lots of candy to keep me company...cute basket huh!?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My voter registration status:


This last summer I was walking down Main Street and a woman at a table asked if I was registered to vote. So I told her not yet in Utah. She handed me a form to fill out and mail in. Wasn't that nice of her to volunteer and get people to register to vote?

So I took the form home. I filled it out. I mailed it in. In fact, I registered to vote in the state of Utah before we registered our car in the state of Utah. Wasn't that nice of me to be a responsible American?

Well, this last month I've wondered if I need my registration card to vote, and why I didn't get one. But AJ never got one when he registered at the DMV, so I figured we were safe. But I was a little worried so I told AJ about it. He went online and found this site where you put in your name and it tells you if you're registered. Well HE is, and I'm NOT. What?!

I called the county clerk today, just to make sure. The lady was very nice and really tried to help me see if I was registered, but she couldn't find anything.

Yeah, so I guess I'm not registered to vote, and it's way past the deadline. LAME! And I was actually trying to make an educated decision this whole time...what a waste.

So AJ takes this opportunity to tease me (surprised?). I'm annoyed at the situation so of course he has to push that "button" and remind over and over how un-American I am. Then he told his brother Matt, and Matt sent him this video for me to watch:

This one right here

It's hilarious. Of course I'm the most gullible person in the world and the whole thing scared me for about .5 seconds. (then I got teased again)

So since I won't be voting, hopefully you will all make the right choice for me. Vote for someone that will help me get a job, k? And may the best man win...


how smart is your right foot?

Got this e-mail from my parents today. I've done this before, but I forgot how crazy it is! :

You have to try this, it takes 2 seconds. This will boggle your mind and you will keep you trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but, you can't. It's preprogrammed in your brain!

1. Without anyone watching you (they will think you are GOOFY.......) and while sitting at your desk in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

I told you so!!! And there's nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again, if you've not already done so.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy 8's

8 things I'm passionate about:
1. trying to be being a decent person
2. trying to be being a better member of my church
3. trying to be a good wife
4. trying to be a better designer
5. my marriage
6. eating
7. nature
8. sleep

8 words/phrases I use often:
1. Hey baby
2. love you
3. whaddya wanna eat?
4. haha (typed)
5. how come you're so cute
6. I'm moving to the SLC area soon
7. I'm interested in your design position
8. Hope to hear from you soon

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Have chillens (only cute ones or they're going back)
2. See AJ have a successful and rewarding business
3. Live in my dream house
4. be a super good cook
5. be a good runner again
6. do something I'm afraid of
7. travel travel travel
8. grow out my hair again

8 things I've learned in the past:
1. Patience is a gift that you have to work hard for
2. Don't try to change the other person, just try to love them
3. How to drive a manual transmission
4. I'm happier when I'm not trying to be something else
5. Women have a lot more in common than they give each other credit for
6. How to make a website
7. That I like reading more than I thought
8. How to make jewelry

8 things I currently want/need:
1. A JOB (a good one preferably)
2. A house
3. A dog
4. AJ to be in school
5. a shop for AJ
6. to clean
7. to figure out what's for dinner
8. to be in shape

8 places I want to see/visit:
1. Alaska
2. Italy
3. Hawaii
4. Ireland
5. New Zealand
6. Egypt
7. Africa
8. Jerusalem

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Blackstone
2. Olive Garden
3. Black Pearl
4. El Rosal
5. In-N-Out Burger
6. Chevy's
7. Bubba Gump
8. Grandma Holley's House :)

8 TV shows I can't live without (for the record I'm sure my life would still be intact without these):
1. The Office
2. Lost
3. Desperate Housewives
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Arrested Development
6. Flight of the Conchords
7. Project Runway
8. Seinfeld

8 people I tag (wow that's a LOT):
Natalie Olsen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sleepy Hollow

In the Halloween spirit, my book club has decided to read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Fortunately, it's super short so I'm done early. In fact, I just found it online and read it in about an hour.

I'm surprised I've never actually read it before. There's some lingo from ancient times that wasn't too clear but I got the gist of it. It's a pretty cool little story. Because of my little vocab speed-bumps I wanted to watch a video of it (kind of to make sure I read it right). I remembered Disney did an animated version of it, and once I found it online, I realized I don't think I've seen that whole thing either. Where have I been? It was adorable. I love how Bing Crosby narrates it, and all those little Disney songs really brought me back to the good ol' early days of Disney cartoons (you know, because I watched them back in '58). Also, the cartoon was the exact same story that I read.

Can't say the same for Sleepy Hollow the movie, starring Johnny Depp. It's haaardly the same story at all. Again, where have I been and why haven't I seen this movie until now? Well, I'm literally watching it as I type this. This movie is gruesome. This movie is dark. This movie is pretty awesome. Can't wait for the ending, but things are slowing down due to my internet connection and the Chinese (?) site it's playing from. Yep, third time I found the Legend for free online.

This has been my life the last two evenings, so I figured I'd share. Better get back to the film!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

My friend Natalie posted pics of she and her husband yearbook-ized, and naturally, I had to do it. It was just too funny.

Yes, I know there's twice as many photos of me versus AJ, but they give you so many, and it didn't work as well with AJ's photo. Hmm, maybe it was the beard (ps-that's his passport photo..hehe). Plus, I had to include the ones where I'm a little "ethnic". Ha! I just couldn't pick a favorite...or even 6 favorites (to make it even).

So when I uploaded them, it turned them more brown, but hey it works. Personally, I think the 50's were a nice flattering decade. 80's and 90's were horrible. I looked pretty amazing in '76. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pastor Rick and the Candidates

Thanks to my buddy Keegan, I came across this video. You should watch it.

It's from August so I guess this is old news, but I'm usually pretty disconnected from political stuff anyway. I know we have some big issues in our country, so I figured I'd try to pay attention to the candidates' debates and speeches and stuff (once it was narrowed down to only 2 of them of course).

It's been frustrating. A question will be asked in a debate, and not only will the candidates not even answer the question, but they'll attack each other for things that I'll find out later were stretches of the truth anyway. So here I am, trying to make an educated decision about these two men, and I get nuthin'. I want facts, honesty, and explaining.

I think this video has been the best for me to watch so far. Pastor Rick Warren interviews both Obama and McCain, one at a time separately, and he asks them the exact same questions. It was good to see each of them respond like real people, and both being Christian, it was nice to see them speak to a Christian audience.

Visit Keegan's blog
...he introduces the interviews a little more clearly.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The finished quilts!

I finally finished my first and second quilts ever.

I had started them in June! It was really all about devoting a day here and there to do it, and it took like 4 days...spread over 4 months.

The pattern is here but I did mine a little differently. I think that's the point of the pattern. I made a greenish one and a blueish one.

I made them for my neighbor Rosa who is just a couple weeks away from having her twin boys. We took them to her last night and she's on bed rest and all miserable. Poor thing.

Although I was sad to see Summer go so quickly, I have to admit I am in love with Fall. I don't have a lot of money to blow on decorations, so I tried to focus on what would be festive but not over the top or too Halloween-y (say that out loud). I mean, I love Halloween, but after thinking of all the fun ways I could decorate my house and lawn, I decided I can't trust the little neighbor kids enough to put them outside.

I went to Hobby Lobby and they had cool wreaths for like 40 bucks (no way), so I thought maybe I'd make my own, but all the materials for that would have been pricey too. Then I saw these wreaths they had made from dried grape vines for around $4. Then all I needed were a couple decorative thingys from the wreath aisle, and ta DA! A cute wreath for around $7. I'm awesome.

I'm a little sad though...because just as I was starting to love Fall, Winter has been poking it's evil head into my life. It has snowed a tiny bit the last couple days, and then today a full-on big heavy snowflake party for about an hour.

Luckily none of it has stuck. But I'm afraid my tomatoes are done this year.