Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm an aunt again!

My sister Megan and her husband Daniel just had their baby! His name is Lucas Daniel Parker. He was born Oct 22, and almost 8 lbs. I think he's really cute. I'm kind of weird and usually don't think newborns are that cute, but seriously, look at this guy.


Lucas is the first grandbaby for my parents, and my first my-side-nephew. On AJ's side we have 3 nieces and 1 nephew. I love those kids. AJ and I were just laughing yesterday about how funny Shelby was on our last visit (Jordan and Bernie's 3 yr old). AJ walked in the house and said "whatcha doin, Shelby?" And she screamed with energy, "EATIN' SNAAACKS!!!" lol.

It will be so fun watching Lucas grow and become silly, too. Megan and Daniel live in NYC so unfortunately I won't get to see them very much. Luckily we are an Apple family and get on our macs and video-chat every few weeks. It helps us all feel closer.

Check out my beautiful sister. She and Lucas have the same nose, right down to the slightly different sized nostrils. Yeah, I've noticed. Haha. You can see their hospital window had a view of the city, and even of their neighborhood.