Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post Update

I promised I'd post pictures of the good times I had in Turlock.

I wish I had some good or interesting news to share with the world, but the only thing I can think of is that I fixed the sewing machine...yay...And by fix I mean re-learned how to wind and thread a bobbin. Sad. So now my little mending pile is taken care of and now I need to finish those quilts. My neighbor is due the end of October!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Language Fail

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. When I got home from California (oh my gosh longest day ever) on Sunday evening (it was supposed to be morning), I found that my book Breaking Dawn had arrived. Finally! The book is a super-anticipated conclusion to a 4 book series by Stephenie Meyer. If you know a Mormon girl, you've probably heard of it (but it's not LDS material). So...the book came out August 2nd, and I was so excited I pre-ordered it before it came out. BAD MOVE. I was so frustrated when I realized I had no advantage at all in doing that. In fact, while everyone else in the country was having midnight release parties, and finishing the book that weekend, I got an e-mail from Amazon telling me it would arrive in approx. 9 days. So I go about my life for a week, seeing the book for sale everywhere! Even in the airport. And everyone had finished the book before me, so I always had to have "earmuffs" on so I wouldn't hear any spoilers.

So guess what I've been doing each evening for the last week. No blogging, that's for sure. But I have managed to feed AJ each night. Currently I'm almost 2/3 of the way through my 700+ page book, and so far, it is amazing. That's all I'm going to say for now. I just got my sister hooked on the series (yes I'm taking the credit), and she's just finishing the 3rd book, so hopefully she'll catch up soon!

So what I was originally intending to say was, I have to read my book, but here's a hilarious video that I've watched 5 times today:

The site is hilarious. I wouldn't imagine it would appeal to all senses of humor, but I love it.

And for everybody who's finished Breaking Dawn, if you tell me anything, comment about anything, blog about anything, you're goin down. I didn't tell you who killed Dumbledore, so don't tell me this ending either! Thank you.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm in Turlock!

I flew down to Turlock this weekend for my friend Maren's wedding that was on Friday. I just have to say, I am so in love with this feeling of seeing old friends. There's nothing like being married and living in a different state to make you realize how awesome friends are. They are so beautiful too! One of the very few things that makes me miss high school.

Heather, Maren, me, Stef

At Maren's reception our old cross country coach JoAnn showed up, making my friends Stef and Heather scream (we all ran together), and when I saw her, I just got excited and started crying. I was kind of embarrassed–what a reaction! But she said she was glad I was as happy to see her as she was me. She is so great. I think it just brought back such happy memories. I loved running cross country. Some years I was better than others, but overall it was one of the best times in my life, and a time when I really excelled at something, and had such a great handful of friends. We can all still laugh at such ridiculous things, it's so fun. AND we all found out we've each been catching up on all seasons of Lost, which strengthened our connection...haha! We got so excited and started talking about it, but had to simmer down because we realized everyone was watching Maren and Joseph dance. Whoops! Hehe.

At the reception: Heather, me, Stef and JoAnn (with the biceps)

Speaking of Lost, I totally pictured us crashing as my flight was taking off, but it wasn't scary, it was more of this feeling like, "oh cool, we'll crash on an island and have crazy adventures and I'll make friends with a bunch of these people on my plane." "I'm one of the Delta 6!"

Alright, I'm done with the Lost references.

When I flew in, my parents picked me up in San Francisco, and then we went to see an IMAX 3-D movie in Pleasanton. We saw Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was pretty entertaining, but at the same time very unrealistic and cheezy. Overall, it was good. We especially looked awesome wearing our 3-D glasses.

Maren's wedding was great. Stef came to the temple with me, which was really cool because although she's not a member she was excited to be there. Afterwards we walked around the temple grounds and saw an exhibit at the visitor's center. She's great.

Sister Frisby...haha!

Maren's sealing was really nice. I'm 90% sure it was in the same room Jared and Jennie were in. I love that sweet feeling of two people kneeling as a sign of devotion to God and to each other. And Maren was so beautiful! So elegant and just looked perfect.

Here's Maren and Joseph about 3 seconds after they came out of the temple. I took this from behind the photographer...ha.

At the luncheon we had a really good time at our table with my mom, Stef and the Williams (from my parent's ward) they are hilarious.

I can't believe how the world is changing around me! So many people are getting married and having babies. I got to see my friend Katie who is expecting her 2nd, and I heard my friend Stephanie is expecting her 3rd! Whoa! JoAnn was like, "I wanna see some babies! Get pregnant!" Yeah, maybe later :)

Okay! I have to tell this story! (sorry for the long post)
My sister gave me a great idea, to put together a little honeymoon package for Maren and Joseph, and drop it by their hotel. I had snacks, gatorades, bath fizzer things, other stuff...I thought it would be really nice of me (haha). Stef decided she wanted to get her something so we went to Target, and then she had this great idea to get other stuff and decorate their hotel room. We got Hershey kisses, candles, bubble bath. So we get to the hotel all excited, and when we get up there, the place was DECKED OUT. His 7 siblings had gotten to the place before us! We're talking, rose petals, champagne glasses, like 3 books on marriage intimacy (like they're gonna be reading that night), a stereo with music playing, and lots of snacks and drinks JUST like mine! They even had the same bath fizzers! Disappointment doesn't even begin to describe it. I was kinda ticked, but knew they'd love all that stuff, so we sat there trying to think of what to do.

So I left them a note that said "We hope you love everything, we worked really hard! Love, Hilary and Stef"

At least for a few seconds they think aaallll of that was from us! Buwahaha. Then we wrote more notes informing them of the truth–and our good intentions. They can use our stuff for another night...

This morning Stef, Heather, and Jenny Shaw and I went to iHop–something we just like to do when we're all in town. It was really great to catch up some more. Heather and Stef are leaving today, so my friend adventures are over this weekend. I'm flying home tomorrow morning, and A.J. will be getting home tomorrow too from his motorcycle trip. I'm going to enjoy the rest of today with my parents, maybe go swimming, get some in-n-out. It was so worth it to fly down here!

Okay one more Lost line: Maren is my constant! Haha.

I decided to give the happy couple a break from smiling: