Friday, April 25, 2008 work.

It has come to my attention that this blog is full of pictures of AJ and not me. Well the last couple of days I've been showing off my camera on my iMac (i have the only one) and this is what happens...

This one is for Megan. I told everyone that was in here, "okay group shot!" Craig is the one that looks a little gay in the back (he's trying to haha) and that's Casey on the right in the old man hat. Good times.

These next ones were experimental. Ashlee told me about, and how you can upload of picture of yourself to see which celebrities look like you most. I won't post the results for the next two, but the first one I was trying to look like Mary Kate (or Ashley?) Olsen, and the next one is Jay Leno.

For the last one I just decided to make the ugliest face I could, and see what happened. Pretty funny!

I promise I did lots of work yesterday too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mr. Tough Guy

The first bit of news is that AJ bought some pretty wheels! We had to post a couple pictures of them. He also got some other car parts the next day, including bumpers, and some other things. He's moving right along with his Mustang. I'm proud of him :) Once he makes some finishing touches under the hood, he said next is body work. Yay!

The more recent news is that I bought some clippers to cut AJ's hair and when I tried them out last night, I accidentally cut it too short on the sides and long down the middle. NOT! I gave AJ a mohawk! He asked for it, and since he said please, I was down. It was pretty fun. As you can see in the first pictures it's pretty floppy and funny when his hair is dry.

The back is very reminiscent of a mullet. While I was cutting his hair, he was like, "You better not even touch that rat tail!" He's so proud. What can I say? I am too.

This next pic shows him (in a different mood and on a different day but in the same t-shirt) with his hair all gelled and spiked. Me likey. I think it looks pretty cool.

Those kids next door tipped over our garbage and started playing with it's contents (surprised?) and AJ barged over to them to tell them to stop, and they looked pretty frightened. Haha! The mohawk may serve to keep the peace around here! He looks pretty hard core. You don't wanna mess with this guy! (just had to thrown in an older photo to show how tough he really is)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Unknown Title?

The first item of today is that I woke up with the hiccups and I STILL have them. And it's 6:30pm. LAME. What did I do to deserve that? It's not like I ate anything strange before wa-king u-p. (those were hiccups)

Also, I've told several people this story, but I have to share. Just when I'm being nice to those kids next door, I go outside to find that not only did my daffodils bloom, but that they were CUT OFF! Those dang kids cut off the tops of all my flowers! I was so mad. There was a little metal fork sitting in the flower bed, and then they thought they'd re-plant all the flowers by digging holes and burying them. DUMB DUMB DUMB CHILDREN. AHHH!!! I never even got to see them before they were decapitated like Ed Truck. I wrote them a sign as nicely as I could at the moment and made my front yard look even trashier by posting it there. But I don't care. Someone needs to tell them.

So after we got home this weekend I found this:

The kids put fake flowers in my flower bed. At first I thought, aww they were trying to give back my flowers somehow. Then I noticed they threw someone else's flowers, roots and all, onto the pile. I'm thinking they just really want to play in my flower bed. I'm going to install an electric fence.

The other picture is the other side of our flower bed. So far it's safe.
On a lighter note, AJ is super hot and I took pictures of him working on his 'Stang today. By the way, today was beautiful. My weather widget says it's 77 degrees right now. Too bad it's dropping to 50 tomorrow. Anyhoo the first pic is me catching AJ singing. Sorry it's blurry, but that's what happens when you're sneaky. Then AJ wearing his new t-shirt from CJ Pony parts. Then AJ giving me a cheesy smile. The last one is him just lookin' good. Sorry if you're all grossed out that I'm so into him, but hey, if I had babies, I'd be showing you cute pictures of them. For now, it's AJ. Haha!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Party Time

YAY! We finally got a sofa! We found a nice 4-piece set that we could both agree on (the 4th piece is a 2nd chair). It's blackish-brown leather and pretty comfy, imo. By the way, those are Mustang seats in the corner. You know, in case we need extra seating...finding a place for car parts has been reeeeally fun :)

AJ's parents are coming down this weekend and bringing a table and chairs and an Ikea chair that Jared so kindly donated to our little family. Thanks Jared! Then our place will have real furniture in it! So now everyone can come visit us. Yes, you too. My parents are probably coming down too, so this will be a cozy, very populated place this weekend. But lots of fun.

We had tons and tons of boxes from the living room set, plus the huge box from my new desk, plus the box from AJ's grill...and then other small boxes for the mustang parts. We started leaving them outside our door, and when we walked outside AJ said to the kids next door "hey, you want some boxes to build a fort?"


Kids are funny. So then they got crazy and multiplied to about 10 and made a huge mess. I had to get a picture. I immediately regretted giving them a box with styrofoam in it. Yuck.

Inside I was cleaning some more and found another couple boxes, so I opened the door and threw them out into the frenzy. This one tiny little girl, maybe 3, just walked right in our place and looked for more stuff until I guided her back to the door. I told the kids, "No more boxes in here, just garbage." I had this feeling like I should lock the door when I came in. I'm glad I did. A couple minutes later little hands were trying to turn my doorknob. So I ignored it. Then the doorbell. Like 5 times. So I thought, well, they know I'm I opened the door and that little girl walked right in again. I don't think she understood most of what I told her, but I kindly told her to go play and have fun. Haha. Then I dead bolted the door. A few minutes later the door bell rang again. HELLO CHILDREN. Get a clue. I let them have fun with my doorbell for about 15 minutes. They had fun–not me. Anyway, today we cleaned it all up, and it was a pain, but that's okay. It's finally gone.

Oh by the way, they totally trampled some of my tulips and left toys and easter garbage all over our shared area of grass. And they got a big trampoline that is over both our "sides". I guess their parents didn't want their car jumped on anymore.

But on the bright side...I HAVE A LIVING ROOM! And it matches perfectly with my pink/brown carpet.