Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When my husband's out of town, he likes to send me dirty pictures. And by "dirty" I mean "black junk all over him".

A.J. is in Rock Springs, WY for the next 10 days. He's working at a coal mine that is currently shut down for repairs. That's where AJ comes in. He and a few other guys he knows here went there to work on some huge gear or something. All I know is he's welding and getting really dirty, and has to wear a harness for what he's doing. And apparently he's getting paid really well (sweeeeet). Not sure how much, and if I did I probably wouldn't tell you guys, but it's enough to make it worth leaving his normal job and...ME. hehe. Besides the gross conditions it sounds like they're taking care of him.

Today was his second day out there (he left me Sunday) and he told me his showers usually last an entire hour, each minute filled with major scrubbing to get this junk off of him. Tonight he told me the only way to get the "mascara" out of his eyelashes is to use the make up remover wipes they have in his hotel room. I told him he should bring me some (I'm cheap) and he said he's afraid to ask for more than the usual amount...because they'll think he's a drag queen or something. Yep.

I guess his first day on the job he was watching everyone's faces get dirtier and dirtier , and he saw a guy who was just black. He thought he must have been there quite a while, because boy was he dirty! Well it turns out, he was just...a black guy. Oops. Hahahaha!!!!

So anyway, he sent me that awesome photo today, and yes I asked his permission to show it off. Just so you all know, his beard is normally dark blonde, not black, and he told me you can see where the v-neck of his coveralls was (I'm still looking, too).

Darling, thank you for letting me share your hotness with the world. xoxo

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Run Hilary Run!

I finally have something worth blogging about! (besides Grizzly)

My friend Natalie told me I should run a half-marathon with her in Denver this August. 2 weeks after having her baby she has been running! So she's definitely motivated to get in shape, and I want to be motivated, but I think I need something to work towards. So why not sign up for something you can't back out of? Haha. She'll be in Denver, and I'll be in Logan, and when we meet up, it will be magical :)

I've never run a half-marathon before, but I've always wanted to. I actually used to be a good runner in high school, and in college I stayed in good shape playing soccer. But I haven't had a desire to do a marathon actually. I'm a crappy swimmer, so I haven't wanted to do a triathlon either. So a half-marathon is the next step down right? And it seems a lot more doable. I mean, the folks on The Biggest Loser all did one!

Well, let's just say I haven't trained for anything since that biathlon from last Summer. As in, I did that and haven't gone running until now. My body's getting all weak and mushy and it sucks knowing that I'm like that out of laziness.

I figure that I should make some small goals from now until August. In June there's a 10k and on the 4th of July there's a 15k in the canyon. And the Top of Utah half-marathon is 3 weeks after the Denver one. Maybe that will help me stick to running even after the Denver one is over. And there's always lots of 5k's in the community, so I'll try to do some of those as well. It will be good for me to get used to "competing" again. Having several races will be good practice for me as far as timing and pacing goes.

So yeah, guys, I'm gonna be a runner again! And Grizzly is helping me...he's a better jogger than walker anyway :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goodbye Puppy Hair

I dedicate this post to my sister Megan who thought I actually might not post about Grizzly this week.

Grizzly got his first aire-cut today! (Get it? he's an AIREdale!)

Well, I almost cried because when they brought him out he looked like an adult Airedale and not a baby anymore...but I didn't! I think his face looks good but this hard-line thing on his sides needs to be blended better. I might try to fix it myself. Well, anyway, here's some before and after pictures of him so you can see what he is "supposed" to look like as he gets older. His legs are a little skinny, but eventually those are supposed to be big and poofy.

Check out how he had black hair on his head and now it's blonde...



Oh, THERE you are, Grizzly! (Lost Boy from Hook voice)
Yep, he's still my puppy *sniff* Thanks for reading...MEGAN.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have an obsession. Some of you already know about it because unfortunately sometimes I talk about it during normal conversation. I don't think it's really encouraged for me to mention it, because usually I get eye-brow raising and frown-smiles. Basically, it's uncool.

But this is my blog so I'm going to pretend you care.

I play FarmTown on Facebook. There. Now you all know. And you know what else? I'm okay with that. It's really fun.

That's my little character named Hil over by the lemon tree.

So you're given a plot of land. You click on the plow button and you plow little squares of your land. Then you go to the store and buy seeds. Then you plant them in your little plowed squares.

*AJ just leaned over and asked what I was doing. When I said "I'm posting about FarmTown", he said, "OH my hell." I told you guys. Uncool.

Ok, well you wait a few days and then your crops are ready to harvest, and then you make money! And money buys you seeds, fences, animals, trees, barns, etc. Now up to this point, it sounds very much like MyFarm, which I USED to be obsessed with (I had way too much money and nothing to do with it). Here's where it gets really good...

You go to the Marketplace and there's lots of other little characters running around, just like you. It's basically a chat room where you can talk to other people from all over the world, playing FarmTown like a total geek, just like YOU! And what you do is "hire" one of them, and then they come to your farm and harvest your crops for you. Because hiring other people makes you more money. Plus, if you're hired you get a portion of that money, so it's a win-win.

So you can add buddies and go to your buddies' farms and make them your neighbors and send gifts to your buddies. It's all really fun. Promise!

If you're rolling your eyes, fine. If you want to come play and be my buddy, I'll send you a horse or something. Yay!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Found half of one

I picked up this unexpected little treasure today at Downeast:

But in solid BLACK. Way cuter. And when I get my picture taken in it, my eyes won't be closed.

I love black. Plus it's really hard to find a cute pattern that will still look cute in 5 years (that's my current rate for buying swimwear).

A.J. likes it. After I modeled it he told me I could wear it all evening if I wanted. Haha. He thinks I'm cuuuuuute. Next time he makes fun of my freckles, remind him of how much he liked my shoulders in this swim top. And also remind him that he has freckles, too.

OKAY, so imagine the top in black only (why don't they have it on their site!? And no I'm not modeling mine). Cute lil ruffle on the top. On, it looks a little more like a bandeau than sweetheart neckline. I really like the neck strap. Although it's not adjustable, there's no knot hitting your spine, which is, you know, nice. The top is very comfy (and supportive!) and long. Downeast makes their stuff long. But because it's long I didn't get the ruffle-trim matching bottoms, because I didn't want an unnecessary bulge under the top. The sales girl tried to convince me it wouldn't overlap, but um, yeah, just tried it on sister. It covers my hip bones.

No, I didn't try on the bottoms. I couldn't figure out how to follow the rules and try them on over my underwear. Um, because my undies go to my knees. Hahahaha!!! But seriously, I've never been in this situation before. What do you do? I guess I haven't been swim suit shopping in a super long time, because it was WEIRD taking off EVERY layer to put on that top. Okay, TMI.

So I think I'll keep shopping around. My mom told me I'm allowed to buy myself at least a couple suits for Hawaii, so I'm doin' it. Because my mom said I could. I want to find another top, and maybe a couple bottoms that can mix and match. Aren't you so excited?? Me too!

Next item I need advice on: Awesome sandals that I can hike around in, get wet, give arch support, camoflages my crazy long toe, etc. My mom and I both have narrow feet and she told me Tevas were way too wide for her so she got Keens. I've also heard Chacos are pretty awesome. (Just kidding about the long toe thing. Although it really does exist on each foot, I'm not sure if a partially-covered-toe vs. a open-toe sandal is better.) I need help!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Turlock and taxes and gas

Sorry the blog has been a little dull lately. I dunno, I just don't have any good stories for you guys lately. Grizzly just got neutered, but you guys don't want to hear more about my doggy and his boy parts. It's okay, I understand.

We've been planning on going out to Turlock to visit my parents, and it WAS going to be next week, but now we're probably going to postpone the trip until May. It sucks. But the reason is good...AJ has been out of work for the last week and they just got a big client, so he wants to make sure they can get that project done for them in time. So it's nice that AJ is getting work again. We seem to owe a butt-load in taxes this year, so we need that extra income to feel more secure.

By the way, how do uneducated people do their taxes? In my opinion it's like doing homework, and I really don't think all people can get an A+. Well yes, you can take your taxes to a professional, but not all people can afford that. Not that there's any uneducated poor people in the country...

Anyway, maybe we'll be in California for my birthday. That would be fun, eh? It should be pretty warm by the time we get there, so I need to get myself that new suit! I just hope we're not going to miss the one week of perfect weather Logan will get, if we're down there.

In other news, we've been waiting for the gas dude to come hook up a gas line to our dryer, for...hmm 4 months! Yes, we had to go through the same thing at our last place. Our landlord is taking care of the whole thing since we paid for the gas guy and then moved right after, only to need the same thing done. So that's nice of our landlord, but each month when the guy STILL hasn't come, we've gone up to pay our rent, and told him, hey your gas dude didn't come AGAIN. Here are the gas dude's 2 main excuses: "I forgot." "I came and no one was home." The first is unacceptable and unprofessional. The second is straight up bull---- because I have been HOME for the last 8 months! And that particular week he was talking about–I had no car, so I obviously wasn't gone anywhere.

You'd think the gas company was run by the government or something (ha–Jenni). I need some customer service, people!

I'm sick of hanging up wet socks.

K, I'll try to think of something more entertaining for my next post :)