Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Morning, Nibley

This morning I had an awkward moment.

We have to take Griz out on his leash to "go potty" because our yard isn't fenced. It's really annoying, especially since my knees hurt right now (thanks Ragnar training) and he likes to yank me down the deck stairs and around the yard. It's also annoying because he demands to go outside as soon as AJ leaves for work each morning (Not as soon as AJ's shoes are on. As soon as AJ drives away). Well that's the same time that I'm getting out of the shower. So each morning I'm trying to dry off, get my contacts in before my face dries out completely and cracks (dang Utah), do that whole facial routine, then get dressed, and everything else. And the entire time Griz is scratching at the door while I'm yelling "Hoollld OOONNN!" (is that was having kids is like?)

So my solution to this problem is to make sure I've got moisturizer on my face at least, then throw on my comfy white robe, slip into my rubber boots by the door, and leash up the beast so he'll go potty outside and not in our basement to teach us a lesson. Sometimes I even put on underwear first. And sometimes I don't.

Usually I go out and I'm reminded of what a beautiful morning it is at our new house. Birds are chirping, the grass is glistening with dew, the cows an acre away are's pretty nice. Then Griz thinks he's a cow too and starts eating the longs bits of grass he finds. He pees. We walk and walk. He sniffs. He poops. YES! We can go back inside now so I can get dressed and move this morning along.

Well. That's when I heard someone walking close to our yard. We have a railroad behind our house, and I recognized an elderly man, probably 50 (just kidding, Dad!), okay, in his 70s doing his morning workout. I've seen him before. He carries dumbbells and power walks down the railroad track and back. He's always got his head down like he's embarrassed about it, and I kind of just want to high-five him and tell him "good job, you're working out like every day, and you're old! Way to go." But I don't because I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be noticed.

Well, Griz noticed him. I was trying to get Griz to walk in the opposite direction before he noticed the man, but it was too late. He shot towards the railroad like a...train! Talk about whiplash! Griz was barking and growling and snarling, ... I heard the guy grumble something about my dog...then Griz lunged again, and that's when I felt my robe flap around me like a loose blanket.

Oh man.

Did that guy see me flash him? I mean, in this case, yes, I was able to get my underwear on under my robe (phew!), but still. That guy just saw a huge dog lunge at him, and then probably a blur of the most awkward white fabrics and skin flailing around after it. Seriously, I don't know what he ended up seeing. But it was embarrassing. And who knows what neighbors had seen the whole thing.

We really need to put up a fence already.


Andrea said...


I totally agree on sharing the embarrassing stuff.

Andrea said...

Um, so I tried to comment, and it looks like it didn't work. So, maybe this is a repeat.

Anyway, that was hilarious, and I agree on the sharing embarrassing stuff. ;)

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

I Lolled :) That is an AWESOME story! I'm just glad you didn't give the ole' guy a heart attack :) Miss you....

Hilary said...

Sorry, I had the comment moderation on for some reason.

Shari, we miss you too!!! Keep us updated on the IVF stuff :)

Megan said...

So funny! Tears.

Bernie said...

Oh my! I am so sorry. Just make sure you never go outside when that man is around! I'm sorry!

mommafriz said...

Just think of the story he had to tell when he got home...pretty sure that doesn't happen to an old guy everyday...& if he ever sees you again he'll get to smile all over again.