Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ragnar Wasatch Back 2011

I did it! I was scared, but the time came for the Ragnar and I did it!

12 girls split into 2 vans, and we ran 192 miles from Logan to Park City. I'm not sure how much I really feel like writing about the experience...I'm sitting here getting exhausted just thinking about it.

Let's just say it was a blast. Here's a quick summary of my own experience this year:

My first run was hard but fun: 1.5 miles unpaved uphill over Avon Pass, 4 miles steep unpaved downhill with gorgeous views, with a couple miles flat (worst part actually). My second run pleasantly surprised me by being a beautiful and almost spiritual night run and probably my most rewarding run. I was terrified to run 8 miles uphill, but it was the perfect temperature with rolling hills that kept my legs feeling fresh. As the sun went down it got quiet, but I was still surrounded by runners and vans that lit the way. I could see the vans lining up going up steep hills ahead of me, but somehow I totally rocked every hill (YEAH!). Coming down the last hill and seeing a bright light at the finish line was magical!

That night we arrived at a designated sleeping area around midnight. This is the part of Ragnar no one tells you about. This was a high school that let everyone sleep on the gym floor. It looked like a refugee camp. Hundreds of people in sleeping bags in tight rows, snoring and not exactly smelling like daisies. Because it was so crowded, people had also filled the hallways. I found a random empty area and tried to pass out. Well 2 hours after dealing with the heat of the place, not being able to lie with my sore hips on the hard floor, and having my mind racing, the cafeteria I was close to started preparing breakfast which would be served at 2:30 am. Well I was pretty much awake after that. I think I got 30 minutes of sleep total. But you know, as we left the school into the freezing cold, I walked past the nastiest fart-plus-grimy-feet-smelling hallway that made me think it could have been worse (and I could have been in van 2 who ran through the night). But next year I may sleep in the van.

My third run was supposed to be "easy" but it was rough. I ran in the morning and when I woke up I could hardly move. Everything was sore. But somehow I got those 3 miles done without too much pain. After we all finished our 3rd legs, we had a chance to eat and shower (glorious!) and change into our attempt at fun 80's attire, while van 2 finished their last legs of the race. Then we met up with everyone at the finish line. Victory!

Here's some photos, a mix of mine and Jen's from the 32 hours.

If I didn't describe the race well enough, here's a video that Matt (AJ's brother) sent me shortly after I finished the race. Thanks, Matt! Ha.


Auralee said...

Loved the slideshow and video. Looks like you had lots of fun running with a bunch of girls all night even if it is 200 miles. The uniforms you designed were super cute;) You are one tough runner!

Blaire said...

Oh my gosh! That video was awesome!!!! Glad you made it back :)

Jacquie loves Ryan said...

Way to go Hilary! That's amazing. I wish I could run like that. But it turns out I'm a real wimp. You are super woman!